Is President Obama's inaugural speech worth watching?

  • President Obama's inaugural speech is worth watching.

    President Obama's inaugural speech is an important example of modern oratory and an historical milestone. As the first African-American president of the United States, Obama made a significant stride in the civil rights movement. His inaugural speech ushered in a new age in the racial history of America and the world.

  • Yes it is.

    President Obama's inaugural speech is worth watching. His speech addresses what he is looking to do during his term, and has a plethora of other information in it. If you are wonder why the President is doing something, take a look at his inaugural speech to find out what his plan was.

  • Worth taking the time to watch

    President Obama's inaugural speech was in my opinion worth taking the time to watch. I think that it is important for everyone to listen to what the President has to say and what he plans to do the next four years. It doesn't matter if you are a supporter of Obama or not every adult and teen should be informed.

  • It Is Worth Watching

    President Barack Obama's inaugural speech is definitely worth watching. All inaugural speeches are worth watching and this one was no different. Obama was entertaining and also spoke on some of the things he plans on doing in his second term. Every American should take time and watch, whether you are an Obama supporter or not.

  • Of course

    It'll be anticlimactic as the second time around these things tend to be far less memorable, but it's still a piece of history that is worth watching. I'm looking forward to it, these things only come around every four years barring a tragedy and if you're interested in politics you should be taking note.

  • YES

    It will be a bunch of pretty words that will go over the same old stuff that we have been hearing for the last several months, if not several years.

    However, I will argue that watching the inaugural speech could be beneficial in other ways. I do not believe that we will really hear anything new or groundbreaking out of his speech, but I do believe that we may be able to get a good idea of where his priorities lie in the coming months. There are many issues that he has to tackle, and the speech could give us some indication of what he is going to go after first.

  • No it is not worth writing

    No, I do not think that Obama's speech was worth writing. Instead of writing a speech he should be focused on getting the economy and country back to normal, even if it is tradition to write a speech. The president should be more into what he can do not what he can write.

  • The state of the union is not

    The state of the union address is not worth watching to me. I don't always watch the speech anyway but this year I really have no interest in it. I am partial as I don't like the job Obama is doing and it will only infuriate me more to watch him giving the speech tonight.

  • President Obama's inaugural speech is not worth watching.

    President Obama's inaugural speech is not worth watching. It is something to watch but I do not think anyone is going to be captivated by anything that he says or does. He is doing the best he can do to lead this country at this time. I think he will have a prepared speech and nothing new will be learned from the speech.

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