Is President Obama's vision comparable to that of Martin Luther King Jr.?

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  • Equality Equals Equality

    Martin Luther King Jr's vision was an America that afforded the same opportunities to all who seek them. If we compare this constant message to President Obama's legacy, ObamaCare, it is the exact same message. Making opportunities available to have healthcare and health insurance to all American Citizens is not so far from wanting the opportunity for all American citizens to have the same opportunity to get an education

  • He is comparable to MLK

    Yes, I can say that President Obama's vision can be compared to those of Dr. Martin Luther King. They are men of different times and different circumstances. They do not fight for the same cause because of the time differences, but they both have or had a vision for a more cohesive world.

  • Obama and King both support non violence.

    As in Martin Luther King Jr.'s own words, he had a dream. He wanted a world where there was no prejudice, no violence. People were able to work together in harmony without fear of being singled out because of their race or religion. There would be no more cases like Rodney King. Obama had the same vision. Zero tolerance for hate, violence. All races living in harmony.

  • One Cannot Compare Obama's Vision to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

    President Obama may have a vision but there is no way it can be compared to that of Martin Luther King Jr. I could never imagine Obama's dreams and vision becoming as memorable as those of Martin Luther King Jr. Obama's dedication is possibly not as strong as Mr King's was from the very beginning.

  • Not as radical

    Wanting change in politics is not the same as advocating for an entire population of people and their rights to live a life free of hatred and intolerance. I doubt that Obama would say his vision is as important as MLK's, even though its not really a comparable situation today.

  • It is not.

    President Obama's vision is not comparable to that of Martin Luther Kings Jr. While they both had a vision of what the United States of America should be, they are not the same. There is a totally different culture today then there was back then, and it would be a bad thing if those visions were the same.

  • No wrong time wrong place

    Maybe Obama's vision would be comparable 50 years ago, but in today's world Obama's vision is simply misguided. He has his own agenda and is not doing what is right for the country. Martin Luther King Jr fought for a worthy cause at a worthy time and should not be compared.

  • This is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

    Barack Obama has never once claimed to be anyone's spiritual leader. He's an attorney, he's an author, he's a politician. But he's never once been a preacher, or had to involve himself in the civil rights struggles that Martin Luther King Jr. was fundamental in developing. He's a good leader, but he's no MLK.

  • Absolutely not...

    First of all, they come from two different political parties. King spent his life fighting peacefully for equality, while Obama spent his searching for what it means to be black (which to him meant doing crack and street racing in Honolulu, HI). Barack Obama had great potential when elected, but never fulfilled. King fulfilled what didn't appear to be much potential.

  • I do not believe so!

    Martin Luther King Jr supports non violent protest for equality of all people, while Obama still is sending troops to the Middle East. Obama's words say peace and living in harmony, but his actions demonstrate something totally different. If he is against violence, then why do we still have troops in the Middle East who are getting killed everyday?

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