• Yes, He is.

    But he is merely separating the retarded and more brainwashed among us from the more educated and more empathetic. We should put all Trump supporters and lovers on one cruise ship, Set it for sail, And then sink it in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. No more deceit, No more elites in office, And no more hatred.

  • Yes by making it weaker.

    This conman just proved how dumb America is. He has a horde of mindless followers. There are a few sharp one like the creep miller and the white nationalist Banon and Kushner. But most trump supporters just repeat the words of fox news word for word like TV news anchors.

    Rather than actually making a difference and making America better, He wastes everyone time and energy on petty goals.
    You dumb amercians are getting dumber and poorer but your arrogance and ilusions are at maximum levels. There are sane people warning us about the danger of the US economy but he has you fooled that your are winning a trade war.
    And he is trying to make you believe that a high tech wall is being build backed by thousands of military personal. When he just wasted a few hundreds of millions repairing the wall and has slowed commerce. Trump supporters are like flat earthers there is no arguing with someone who believes they are the wisest of them all,

  • Yes he is dividing. But who is he dividing?

    The nation was split in half in 1880s to 1930s. Ever since then we have been for the most part juggling between major parties. The funny thing is both of these major parties are a shadow of their former selves and have slowly dwindled into serving a uniparty that Americans fail to recognize and must resort to calling the deep state. The fact of the matter is our government was taken over by neocons and neoliberals playing political circus. Democrats and Republicans do not serve their constituents. They serve Israeli interests. We go to war and create conflict in Arab nations for Israel. Our money does not stay within American pockets. It goes to spending for more immigration and more foreign aid of foreign citizens. These resources experience feedback loops that immigrants pay for more services to cater to immigrants. If you think Donald Trump is anti-immigrant you are gravely wrong. He has deported less than the last four presidents. He has asked for more immigrants and I fear he was prevailed upon which is to say it is not his intention but whoever he serves such as Kushner.

    To answer the question let me clarify who he is dividing. We are experiencing a counter culture towards degenerate Liberalism. These new conservatives are reactionary. This means they have the same foundation as the old conservatives. But the problem is these new conservatives are faced with a decision to side with establishment Republicans who serve Israel or side with the darker and far more honest reaction to the destructive Democratic takeover from the 1930s. This is the division currently being observed. The GOP want more establishment conservatives but those disillusioned with Trump and see past the Israel alliance want to end the Zionist occupied government that strangles both major parties.

  • Politics Divide America in General

    It's nothing new. Due to America's political climate, The nation tends to become divided when it comes to the support of a president. Obama was supported mainly by Democrats during his time in office and Trump is supported mainly by Republicans at the moment. The Democratic and Republican party are large ones, So naturally, Whether Trump is in office or not, America will be divided.

  • Trump is not. The left is.

    Trump is not dividing the nation. The left has made an enemy of him by calling him a racist, Sexist and a bigot. They have made him an enemy without looking at the good he has actually done for this country, Pointlessly antagonizing him. Trump was never about division but the from the actions of the left we can clearly see that THEY are the ones who wish to create division.

  • Its the people

    Trump is in no way dividing the nation, Rather the people who don't support him are dividing the nation themselves. If people just accepted that he did an okay job as president and realize he is an okay person, Rather than sticking with the good ole' "orange man bad" phrase than the nation would be a better nation and be more whole as well as more peaceful. He isn't racist, He wants to get rid of the ILLEGAL immigrants, Most are from mexico, He isn't targeting Mexicans because of their race, He is targeting the MAJORITY of them, He also isn't a fascist, He doesn't even fill 1 of the definitions of fascism, Its an over used term by the left to make people they don't like look like Hitler

  • A false narrative.

    Yes, Things like racism can divide people but so does the claim. The most common thing the left does is to demonize republicans by spinning everything the do or say to make it seem racist. One good example is the wall. The left claims he want's it built to keep Hispanics out but they forget that the legal points of entry would remain open for people of any color to enter legally. It only keeps out those who try to enter illegally regardless of color. Funny thing is, They didn't cry racism when Clinton started the secure barrier or when Obama deported record numbers of illegals.
    In the end, It's just a false claim that the liberals and their mainstream media are pushing to make it appear as if Trump is dividing the nation when it's their own narrative that is the cause.

  • Trump is not dividing the Nation Far-left Liberals, Socialists, And anarchists are.

    Trump has many "controversial" opinions that the Democratic party says they are against and will always be against. This is false back in the early 2000s the democrats were the ones pushing for securing the border and the war on drugs. They only started to change during Obama's second term. Also the violence and intimidation that far-left groups use to shut down decanting opinions. I am not one to say that the right doesn't have extremists to, But while groups like the KKK have around a couple thousand members ANTIFA has hundreds of thousands maybe millions of which many are ready to attack any conservative voices and even moderate voices. Another point is many candidates for the Democratic nominee instead of trying to make solutions to make everyone's life better instead say that white people need to give reparations because their great great great great grandfather who they have never meet or had anything to do with had slaves. They push up minority groups giving them victim cards while pushing down white people who did nothing wrong accept for being white. They sometimes also go after Asians because even though they are a minority to they are privileged? I am 17 and I live in a hardcore democrat state my teachers groomed us in elementary to like Obama I was a hardcore democrat until after Trump was elected and I started listening to his and others opinions on the right. Gen Z doesn't see conservatives as the Authority as past generations did we see crazy liberals as the authority and we are becoming Republicans and Libertarians because of the crazy's like AOC.

  • Honestly no he is not

    The amount of hate Trump gets and his supports get is insane. He is doing pretty well for America compare to Obama. But now a days the left is always complaining and cursing people. If you support trump to them you are automatically a racist, They unfriend you and start calling you names. If anything it is the left that is creating the divide in the nation. Not Trump

  • Nah politics did

    Politics was meant to divide us its basic business guys. Its really what america had like a springboard to jump-start a strong economy. Think i am wrong. UK very divided, Good economy, North Korea, Good economy. Don't need to say some bout Russia and china as well too man as you can see

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