• Yes it is

    I think it's a very important holiday compared to one's like Groundhogs Day and St. Patricks Day. We should never forget the great men who helped to shape this great country we proudly live in. It's always great to reflect on your past achievements and how you've gotten to where you are today and that's what celebrating a holiday like this is about.

  • President's Day is a legitimate holiday

    President's Day is a legitimate holiday. Although it is officially still called Washington's birthday by the federal government, it is now popularly viewed as a celebration for all president's of the United States. It also allows states that refused to recognize Abraham Lincoln's birthday as a holiday. This is an important holiday celebrating our history.

  • Oh, Heck Yeah!

    Presidents Day is a very legitimate holiday. In fact, for those of us who get the day off, it is one is the greatest holidays of all. Presidents Day enables me to spend the day doing what I want. The major holidays entail so many obligations: from decorating, to gift buying, to trudging around to visit family. The major holidays are exhausting. President's Day creates a rare opportunity for me to sit at home and do what I want.

  • Government workers get enough holidays

    When you work for the government, you already get amazing benefits and a pension for life. On top of that, you get ridiculous holidays on top of it. I don't know of anyone in the private sector that gets president's day off as a holiday. The presidents already get enough glory without the extra holiday for government types.

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