• Pride Is not the same as confidence.

    People tend to confuse pride with confidence. Although, one of the seven deadly sins is indeed pride. (Let's debate with Jesus)
    Pride leads to fibs (lies), pain for others, or the prideful person. A prideful person never states they are incorrect, does not take others into account, craves public, and goes into what they can alone. The bible says about confidence "Works to build other up.", and "Doesn't proceed though selfish ambitions." Ephasians 2:3/Philippians 2:3.
    What can pride lead to? Lies and the root to all evil "jealously".
    The Bible warns people that God hates the sin of pride, and will discipline the proud. That many struggle with greed and pride. The proverbs has the most information on pride. In 11:2 "
    I'm 15, writing a 27 line persuasive essay. I was touching up on my Proverbs. :)

  • Pride traps you in the past

    From Siddhartha Gautama to Saint Augustine, pride is nothing more than a way to lay on ones laurels and not strive to continue the important work of understanding oneself and achieving long-lasting inner peace in the present. The inverse of pridefulness, humility, I would consider to be much more conducive to virtuosity, peace, wisdom, and understanding. Trying to become a better person by clinging to a backwards form of personal vanity is not a case of taking one step backwards to take 2 forward, it is merely a way to avoid living in the moment.

  • Pride is good in every way

    If you did something you truly liked without doubt in your mind you should be proud of it. Look at all those geniuses and experts, they're pretentious, they call themselves smart. It's in your mind the whole time, you should be proud of that. :) Pride is a virtue, it's not a poison!

  • All or Nothing

    Pride is accepted as okay in moderation because in society, it is a defense against other pride whereas it is "to fight a fire with fire." The situation of having any pride is contagious only needing a small spark, and to be humble is a stoic strength. It is the harder way out, but a righteous one that Jesus would choose. You might agree with having some pride, but that's because it starts out small when the egotistical man is not so easy to call as such. You (generally speaking) don't see the malice yet, but being prideful in oneself always leads to harmful thinking. Not using pride in yourself does not mean having a low self-esteem. It is possible to be confident and self-reliant without lacking kindness and compassion that pride removes. As in a basic conversation, it is unpleasant to talk to those who only speak of themselves; to be caring only of themselves.

  • Pride is most definitely a bad thing.

    It's the mother of all sins. Pride fuels all of the self-centered ideals of society. It's the reason there is such a huge gap in the financial stability of the rich and powerful and of the poor. This lack of compassion leads countries into war, leads people into crime, and leads people to hatred. It perpetuates all discrimination based on sex, race, sexual orientation, class, etc. Pride is most definitely the root of all evil, from a religious standpoint, and from a social standpoint.

  • We didn't create pride

    Sikhism believes in not being egotistical and not having pride within ourselves, but being thankful to God for giving us the truth and letting us meditate upon his name. We should always remember his name and his name only whilst not being proud of our own achievements because they are in his hands.

  • Pride is not a good thing.

    When y'all say you might get trampled on, what y'all really mean is to stand firm in your principles. Pride is something different (believe me I know) Pride is when when you think that you're always right,( inside you're afraid to be wrong), when you mess up, instead of saying "sorry" to someone and learning from your mistake and going through life as a learning process you get mad at yourself for not knowing any better but you can't help that when your 15 like me, you're still learning. Also, nobody likes you because you think you're better or smarter whatever the case may be. If someone has something you don't, say to yourself "that's my goal..." and pursue that goal but don't boil inside and let your prideful hatred get away with you. Finally God doesn't want us to be prideful, sure it's our choice but there's no need for pride unless you want to be hated. Instead look at Jeremiah 9:23, James 4:6, Philippians 2:3, Proverbs 11:2, and Galatians 6:4 THE END by cooper hokanson age 15

  • Pride is confidence

    Being prideful of yourself is good. But so good that everybody elses works is less than yours or inferior, is bad. You can be boastful about your ideas or works but also awknowledge others. This next phrase can be applied to someone with too much pride or too much insecurity. Compare yourself to yourself, and not others.

  • Too much pride

    A little bit of pride isn't a bad thing. It's when pride overcomes your judgement and makes you believe that you never do anything wrong. Having too much pride can ruin your life. It hurts your love life, relationships with family members, and can even make you lose your job. When you get to the point where you believe that you are practically perfect and everything you do is amazing, that is when you have reached the point of having too much pride

  • It depends on the situation.

    Pride and proud same word (you know what I mean) different tenses. However I find people treat to be proud and to have pride differently. If you achieved something you thought wasn't possible for yourself then you would be proud of yourself and rightly so. You may be proud of your friends or family, this is good. But for me to have pride - that specific tense - connotes someone that is cocky or thinks they are better than on there whereas being proud can be so Much more innocent.

  • Pride is normal

    I never understood why people disagree with having pride. Pride is what drives successful people. Never will there be a entrepreneur that doesn't take pride in their product or an athlete that doesn't take pride in his or her game. In whatever you do, you should believe you are the best and no one else is better than you. If you don't think this then you will never truly be at your full potential.

  • Pride is needed in life

    Pride is needed in life because when someone puts you down your pride can help you stand up for yourself. Pride will also make you think very highly of yourself instead of putting your self down and so with out pride life would not be worth living because who wants to have a miserably life. And pride can also help you make mistakes though but that is not a bad thing if you can learn from the mistakes you'v made:)

  • Pride isn't bad.

    Like anything, you should only have a certain amount of pride. Too much pride can make someone arrogant or complacent. But if you aren't being arrogant or complacent then pride is good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being happy about your own accomplishments. God Bless America. 3 more words.

  • A cool one answer

    Pride is good if its in limit for adults
    teenagers or young youth of country does not care about anyone they think they are the best and this is the ATTITUDE pride helps us stand in the world with a unique position i sooooo love it and i know i m the BEST

  • Pride can lead to bad things

    Well pride can lead to bad and good thing but I'm focusing on the bad ones , well too much pride can Can make you go out of your leagues to gain it or regain it if and make u lose your loved ones by buying your pride one it can not be stopped until the person realizes it not that important

  • Pride is wisdom

    One should have little bit of pride which will force him from being fall down and would have urge to learn more and more.
    But certainly one should not have much of pride that he even does not understand any wrong in his work.
    There should be a balance in his pride and which justify his wisfom.

  • !I love pride

    You need pride to stay happy and make others happy
    this is why you need pride
    ! ! :D i dont reeally get people say pride is such a bad thing people will destroy you if you dont have any pride!! This is why pride Is awesome people have killed themself with no pride and qui school

  • I'll clear this up

    Pride is bad in away that having to much will cloud your judgement, but Pride is mainly good for you, you need pride to motivate yourself and make yourself better in everyday life, Pride is where you strive to be the best you can be but a bit to much pride can make you think that your the best at what you do. Now even though pride is a sin, its a stupid one, almost every Christian thinks that having pride is a sin against Christ and shit like that, sorry to attend people, but God isn't real, he was made up by humans who needed someone to pray to and the sins are just stupid because most of them have their ups and downs, but in conclusion pride is not a bad thing, people need it to survive in the he'll hole we call a world.

  • Pride is bad

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  • Pride isnt bad

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