• Too much pride

    A little bit of pride isn't a bad thing. It's when pride overcomes your judgement and makes you believe that you never do anything wrong. Having too much pride can ruin your life. It hurts your love life, relationships with family members, and can even make you lose your job. When you get to the point where you believe that you are practically perfect and everything you do is amazing, that is when you have reached the point of having too much pride

  • It depends on the situation.

    Pride and proud same word (you know what I mean) different tenses. However I find people treat to be proud and to have pride differently. If you achieved something you thought wasn't possible for yourself then you would be proud of yourself and rightly so. You may be proud of your friends or family, this is good. But for me to have pride - that specific tense - connotes someone that is cocky or thinks they are better than on there whereas being proud can be so Much more innocent.

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  • Pride is sinful

    Pride is what made Saran what he is. Pride is sinful. Follow Jesus Christ not Pride. Jesus Christ is lord. Jesus Christ is our savior. Jesus Christ save me and my loved ones souls and show my loved ones the path to heaven and lead them there. God bless. Amen

  • Im 50/50 in this one

    Everyone needs at least some pride or else they would get trampled over by others since they do not know how to defend themselves from the world around us but too much pride can lead to being blind when you see yourself in the mirror, tricking yourself into saying to others "aren't I better than that guy don't you think ?" which some people don't want to hear and don't want to hear you showering yourself with compliments when really, everyone has their qualities and mistakes and your no different.

  • People who take pride in themselves may believe they are paramount

    People who take pride in themselves and the achievements they have completed usually believe they are better than the individuals around them, and may also try to constantly be in charge when they are oblivious to the subject or topic. This could lead to toxic leadership. Pride has never lead to selflessness actions. It has, however, led to actions regarding themselves and actions that will benefit them in some way.

  • Pride robs necessities of life

    Many times in situations, pride can take away peoples necessity to ask for help. Also, excessive amounts of pride takes away a persons ability to solve problems by not being able to admit mistakes and say sorry. Lastly, too much pride can create an unrealistic world where we are better then anyone else, which can cause people to hate you.

  • Small amounts of pride can be healthy

    If we had zero pride, what would we be? Likely, we wouldn't be able to stand up for ourselves, speak out, defend ourselves, and much more. Conversely, too much pride can be destructive - believing one is superior and incapable of improvements. But small amounts of pride, such as taking pride in your work, how good you build something, writing a good paper, I believe this pride is alright.

  • Pride is bad

    Most of the time, pride makes a person conceited, raises his/her ego, and pushes people away. Even though there is a fine line between the "good" and the "bad" pride, that line is crossed 99% of the time.
    Thus concluding that pride is an unnecessary feature that should be eliminated from the human brain.

  • Pride Segregates Groups

    Pride can act somewhat like what we call "survival of the fittest".That isn't good,it can make you forget that anyone helped you(if anyone did) and you take all of it upon yourself to take the credit.In most cases,I'm assuming,pride can even lead to arrogance.It can make you feel that you are better than a certain someone or group.You will block them out,despise them, or not even consider a friendship with them.

  • You can not control your feelings.

    Proud is not a sin because, Is just a feeling and is not your mistake if you have a feeling also, Proud is not the same as brag. So proud is not a bad thing. If proud were a bad thing then go will give us the power to control our feelings. But the fact you can not do that is the reason why proud is not a bad thing.

  • I don't think pride is a bad thing.

    I think you could be proud of things like, Being proud of yourself for a thing you've done that made people happy or being proud of something you achieved. I don't think pride is a bad thing i mean people might be proud of something they shouldn't be but other than that, Pride isn't that bad of a thing.

  • Pride is good, Arrogance is bad. . . .

    Pride is a good thing that makes up keep going each day. For example I think of someone having pride in their job. Wanting to become the best at it since they pride themselves on it. Arrogance is the same person happy at where he is at with his skills not getting better but allowing himself to plateau at where he is at.

  • Disagree with some interpretations but here to learn.

    Pride is very important to each human. Regardless if it's straight forward or hidden. We all value pride, As well as interprete the meaning differently.
    Personally, I view pride as a personal obligation to perform or complete all tasks to the best of my ability. This unfortunately didn't happen in high school but was apparent by work ethic.
    Pride in what you do is not being conceited. Low self esteem and having others doubt can bring upon great things. People need to be pushed outside of their boundaries. If not, They may become complacent and never try.
    Isn't life so easy, Bahhhaha

  • Pride is normal

    I never understood why people disagree with having pride. Pride is what drives successful people. Never will there be a entrepreneur that doesn't take pride in their product or an athlete that doesn't take pride in his or her game. In whatever you do, you should believe you are the best and no one else is better than you. If you don't think this then you will never truly be at your full potential.

  • Pride is needed in life

    Pride is needed in life because when someone puts you down your pride can help you stand up for yourself. Pride will also make you think very highly of yourself instead of putting your self down and so with out pride life would not be worth living because who wants to have a miserably life. And pride can also help you make mistakes though but that is not a bad thing if you can learn from the mistakes you'v made:)

  • Pride isn't bad.

    Like anything, you should only have a certain amount of pride. Too much pride can make someone arrogant or complacent. But if you aren't being arrogant or complacent then pride is good. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being happy about your own accomplishments. God Bless America. 3 more words.

  • A cool one answer

    Pride is good if its in limit for adults
    teenagers or young youth of country does not care about anyone they think they are the best and this is the ATTITUDE pride helps us stand in the world with a unique position i sooooo love it and i know i m the BEST

  • Pride can lead to bad things

    Well pride can lead to bad and good thing but I'm focusing on the bad ones , well too much pride can Can make you go out of your leagues to gain it or regain it if and make u lose your loved ones by buying your pride one it can not be stopped until the person realizes it not that important

  • Pride is wisdom

    One should have little bit of pride which will force him from being fall down and would have urge to learn more and more.
    But certainly one should not have much of pride that he even does not understand any wrong in his work.
    There should be a balance in his pride and which justify his wisfom.

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