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  • Too much pride

    A little bit of pride isn't a bad thing. It's when pride overcomes your judgement and makes you believe that you never do anything wrong. Having too much pride can ruin your life. It hurts your love life, relationships with family members, and can even make you lose your job. When you get to the point where you believe that you are practically perfect and everything you do is amazing, that is when you have reached the point of having too much pride

  • It depends on the situation.

    Pride and proud same word (you know what I mean) different tenses. However I find people treat to be proud and to have pride differently. If you achieved something you thought wasn't possible for yourself then you would be proud of yourself and rightly so. You may be proud of your friends or family, this is good. But for me to have pride - that specific tense - connotes someone that is cocky or thinks they are better than on there whereas being proud can be so Much more innocent.

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  • Pride is sinful

    Pride is what made Saran what he is. Pride is sinful. Follow Jesus Christ not Pride. Jesus Christ is lord. Jesus Christ is our savior. Jesus Christ save me and my loved ones souls and show my loved ones the path to heaven and lead them there. God bless. Amen

  • Im 50/50 in this one

    Everyone needs at least some pride or else they would get trampled over by others since they do not know how to defend themselves from the world around us but too much pride can lead to being blind when you see yourself in the mirror, tricking yourself into saying to others "aren't I better than that guy don't you think ?" which some people don't want to hear and don't want to hear you showering yourself with compliments when really, everyone has their qualities and mistakes and your no different.

  • People who take pride in themselves may believe they are paramount

    People who take pride in themselves and the achievements they have completed usually believe they are better than the individuals around them, and may also try to constantly be in charge when they are oblivious to the subject or topic. This could lead to toxic leadership. Pride has never lead to selflessness actions. It has, however, led to actions regarding themselves and actions that will benefit them in some way.

  • Pride robs necessities of life

    Many times in situations, pride can take away peoples necessity to ask for help. Also, excessive amounts of pride takes away a persons ability to solve problems by not being able to admit mistakes and say sorry. Lastly, too much pride can create an unrealistic world where we are better then anyone else, which can cause people to hate you.

  • Small amounts of pride can be healthy

    If we had zero pride, what would we be? Likely, we wouldn't be able to stand up for ourselves, speak out, defend ourselves, and much more. Conversely, too much pride can be destructive - believing one is superior and incapable of improvements. But small amounts of pride, such as taking pride in your work, how good you build something, writing a good paper, I believe this pride is alright.

  • Pride is bad

    Most of the time, pride makes a person conceited, raises his/her ego, and pushes people away. Even though there is a fine line between the "good" and the "bad" pride, that line is crossed 99% of the time.
    Thus concluding that pride is an unnecessary feature that should be eliminated from the human brain.

  • Pride Segregates Groups

    Pride can act somewhat like what we call "survival of the fittest".That isn't good,it can make you forget that anyone helped you(if anyone did) and you take all of it upon yourself to take the credit.In most cases,I'm assuming,pride can even lead to arrogance.It can make you feel that you are better than a certain someone or group.You will block them out,despise them, or not even consider a friendship with them.

  • You need pride.

    Pride is a good thing, however too much of it isn't. Without pride, you will be trampled over by people. Dos it even matter if pride is a bad thing? People make such a big deal and debate about such small things which are obviously good for the healthy human.

  • Humility is evil

    The concept of humility allows a person to never have a free thought. Pride forces a person to think critically as they must always make their own decisions. The need to ensure ones answer is correct makes them need to think through everything that they do for their own good. The only evil pride is the pride of a group because then pride is actually humility and the assumption that if you follow the group you do not need to think. This humility is found in nationalism, and blind obedience to a religion or other leader.

  • Pride stems from the root to be loved conditionally

    Unconditional love is meaningless. To love everyone indiscriminately without moral standard is to love nobody. Earned happiness is the best feeling life offers. Prideful people want to earn their love. Listen to Ayn Rand speak on love and objectivism. It is time for society to question the traditional morals set in place.

  • Pride is very good but...

    Pride is very good but when it becomes to "poeerful" if you will... It becomes a massive problem. As it is listed in one of the 7 deadliest sins, it can be deadly. This can only occur if you let it overrule your life, and if you let it become so powerful to where your personal judgements are so clouded up that you think that YOU should be glorified and that YOU should be a god. It is okay to be proud of yourself and get compliments but not to get praised and glorified constantly. It is merely as simple as that. Thank you for reading this and ENJOY YOUR DAY! :-)

  • Pride isn't a bad thing

    According to me, having pride is no sin though it tops the chart of seven deadly sins. One should posses enough pride in being himself/herself. There is no wrong to feel proud with what you have accomplished in your life. Being best at something is no magic. Everything cost something. Everything require some hard work and sacrifice. If you are willing to do that then I guess you do deserve to have a little bit of pride or even more than little. But not respecting others for who they are is a greater sin . Have pride in you but let it not come in way of respect that has to be given.

  • It isn't always...

    It depends: Sometimes it's good to- just don't be boastful or let it get into your head (basically don't be a show off, brag or think you are better than everyone else). Being prideful is when some takes deep pleasure or satisfaction in their own achievements. It can lift up someones spirits and can make you feel happy- plus it is part of human nature. You might get a feeling of pride and not even notice it! :)

  • Pride itself is not the problem; it's the quantity

    Pride in and of itself is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your own achievements or those of others. Its when you have so much pride that you can you so full of yourself that it turns to arrogance that it becomes an issue. Arrogance can and often does blind people and makes them think everyone lives them when in fact everyone might hate you or think you're bigger than you are.

    I believe that the key to success in anything is the right balance between pride and humility.

  • It can be bad, but that doesn't make it bad.

    You can't just think of pride as being 'prideful.' Yes, pride CAN be bad, but that just depends on the use of it. There is being prideful to the point of demeaning others, but there is also being proud of your accomplishments (which is something everyone should do). Pride is named as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but that is in light of it's shadow side, and not the whole emotion. This, of course, is my opinion, and I understand how some people claim pride is bad, but those people are most likely only looking at it's negative side; there is always a bad side to something, but you can't just focus on the bad.

  • No. Not necessarily

    I don't think pride in and of itself is a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with being proud if yourself and accomplishments. But if your pride is so high that it gets to the point of arrogance, that's when it can be a problem. Basically I think that pride itself is2bad; it's excessive pride that's an issue

  • Pride is important

    We should keep our heads up in every downfall that confronted itself, because at the end of the day, if you know that you are better than anyone who defeated you, then it's a good thing to keep your head up than to feel insecure about your loss. Pride is a drive for us to do better. The only thing that makes pride a bad thing is when it covers our sense of judgment to others.

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