• Since 2006 = we have been being watched continuously and have spied one another.

    The millennial generation has no idea what anonymity really is. By the time they got to high school - everyone had phones with cameras and anyone who did anything outta the norm was cammed and broadcast on social media or just via phone. I'm speaking about this as a mom of millennial sons. No one other than really good dancers even dances at school dances because of being so self conscious of being recorded. It really robbed the millennials of the freedom to try new things.

    I don't even wanna get started on how else we've been robbed of our privacy from corporate marketers of ideas and products. Not to mention other "authorities."

  • It is now

    Every time you call someone, every time you search the internet, every time you take a picture on a phone or computer, it's added to your file. Whenever you do something one an internet accusing device, it is added to the data the government and corporations keep on you. The only safe way to talk these days is via snail mail.

  • Expert here, is true

    I am a magician so I know a lot about illusions. Privacy is a very good illusion I use it all the time in my magic show. One of my tricks is to watch people in the bathroom during breaks in the show and not tell them about it. Ah, so funny.

  • You are never really alone.

    There are cameras every where you go, so even in some remote country house in the middle of nowhere, there are satellites that if the government ever so pleases, they can zoom in and watch you for whatever reason. Wether your at home or in a public bathroom, your being watched

  • Privacy is a commodity that in todays world may not be allocated

    With todays digital world, we have a open line for all governments and companies to monitor everything we do and what we do with that information. We have a false illusion that we are protected by private wifi and an incognito tab, but in reality that information goes out into the internet every time we use it. I think that is something that we can sacrifice if we can actually use the information to stop people who intend to do harm, otherwise, it is just monitoring innocent people for no reason.

  • We have been violated

    We have been spied on by multiple organizations. Some say that they can use any camera as live video feed which is used to scare us and tells us that we are being watched. I also think that security cameras are for a lot more than just security, they can be used for looking into someones bank password if they are making a deposit online

  • Jamirus is a big fagget/jerk (gets no hoes) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Privacy is an illusion because for an example if you are changing your cloths and someone just barges in then he broke your privacy. You don't say "oh you want to watch me change? Do it " nobody in this world would do that (except for a few creeps) and even technologies will give you privacy by just a single touch of a button. You can command your device to not disturb you and you know what even famous phone brands include a privacy option that can do many things to keep you hidden from social media.

    Posted by: LOOL
  • You are given privacy

    Privacy can only be given, meaning you cant have privacy, everyone around you has agreed to allow you to have privacy, if they said no, you would loose your privacy.Privacy can only be given, meaning you cant have privacy, everyone around you has agreed to allow you to have privacy, if they said no, you would loose your privacy.

  • Whoever disagrees hasn't thought about it.

    We as a whole give up our privacy willingly. Interactions with other people, posts on the internet, google searches, and simply using our credit cards give up our location, address, name, phone number, card number, bank company, E-mail, and social security. If you haven't filled out a job application even once, it's time that you get a job. Has anyone even wondered why they're moving to the chip at the bottom of your card? If you compare a tracking slip to this very chip, it shows practically full similarities.
    If you where born at the low bottoms of the ocean with no technology whatsoever, no social security number, with no social interaction whatsoever, straight from the ameba without a parent, and somehow created an irreversible intrackable pathway... I guess you have succeeded the accomplishment of true privacy.

  • It's a right we fight for!

    To understand why privacy is 'real' we must first define privacy. Our own personal definition of privacy is not sharing everything with the world and being able to decide what information we do share. The definition of privacy in law, while vague, is listed in the 4th amendment. While the word privacy itself is not mentioned, in 1965, the supreme court case Griswald v. Connecticut ruled that the Constitution gives people a "zone of privacy".
    It's a constitutional right (at least in the US) that ensures a degree of autonomy and anonymity, two things that society could not function without.
    Through the use of things like bulk data collection and domestic surveillance, privacy is dying, at least online. However, we can choose whether or not to use online resources and if one really wishes, 'living off the grid' is a possibility.

  • Are black people humans?

    We deduce the answer to this question by asking the counter-question, are black people humans? The answer is an obvious NO. I mean, take a look at your average black that isn't busy cotton picking or getting whipped, which will be pretty difficult to find. But anyways lets assume you find one somehow, even if you have to pay the owner a few hundred bucks. Take a look at the black's face, and then take a look at yours. The color is completely off. Then take a look at a monkeys, the color looks similar. Therefore that black is a monkey and not a human, and call the zoo immediately and say you found a new species.
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • Only Humans believe in privacy

    No other animal on believes in privacy, they build homes to show that an area of land is theirs not to hide the selves from other animals. An animals home is often to help find a mate. Privacy is also an illusion like many things it is only because of our over view of our selves that we want to hide our selves. You don't see two horses hiding when they mate. Its simply because they aren't self obsessed and therefore do not care.
    I would just like to conclude that even though I believe that privacy is an illusion it does not mean I don't want it.

  • Not at all

    What you think, you deserve it. You have to be confident in yourself. Nothing is impossible. Your mind should fix it. Make a thing privacy if and only if you have confident in that. Otherwise, it leads in trouble. But privacy should not be maintained at all situations as it may lead to trouble.

  • A misconception really.

    People always view privacy in terms of social networking and inevitably involve technology into it. Dumb it down; it's true you lack privacy largely online but that does not dictate the rest of your live. You have privacy in the conversations IRL with other people. You have privacy in the precincts of your own mind. Your have privacy in your own household. You have privacy in public facilities like bathrooms. Also regarding your personal data online, who says you must post personal information online for people to have access to it?? In rare instances there will be subtle pieces of irrelevant information on a person despite them not consenting, but rarely does this happen (when it does, it's irrelevsnt information). Simply do not get involved with the network if you cannot protect your own informstion , or adapt efficiently to it if you do. There is no "illusion" besides the self-fabricated.

  • Privacy is real.

    If you choose to communicate with family and friends you can do it in the old fashioned way of conversations. Obviously in urban areas there are a lot cameras, recording equipment etc. But when we go away for a week or so there are no devises tvs cptr just country / nature and privacy. And peace.

  • Privacy can be yours if you want it

    It is ridiculous to state that privacy is an illusion. Sure there are more ways to record, document, leak, find, etc. information on anyone more than ever, but that does not mean that you cannot be private. The easiest way would be to avoid almost any and all technology, since they record to some extent, but it is possible to be private even with them.

    Many can find easily that you may turn off all tracking info on your devices, encrypt your information, and even keep yourself hidden. It takes time but it is well worth it. Big tech companies even fight for the rights of their consumers against the Governments illegal searching. You can create anonymous profiles and keep yourself in the dark.

    A lot of the doubt of being private arises from conspiracy. We all know conspiracies are "truths" that cannot be unproven otherwise. We think that every camera is always on, every microphone is forever recording.

    Tl;dr You can become private, if you decide to put in the time to make yourself anonymous. True privacy is real.

  • Privacy is not an illusion.

    I do no believe that privacy is an illusion. It is true that personal information can be found through means like social media, but we are talking about all privacy; not just in technology. For example, when I see a person I don't like, I may think very rude/hateful thoughts about him/her. It is my decision whether or not I want to share those thoughts. Nowadays, we can't really protect our information online, but we can definitely keep our thoughts, ideas, and spoken and written words a secret. Privacy may not be largely available for everything, but it is still there.

  • "There is no spoon."

    "Do not try to bend the spoon." It's presumptuous of me to believe this, but I hold that many of those who believe privacy is an illusion limit their perspectives to mainstream society and the Internet. Within such constrained trains of thought, they're possibly right. Simply step away and watch as vivid truths reveal themselves to you.

  • It is not an illusion

    While everything on the internet is more or less public, still your private files remain private for no one in interested in a common, standard person. There are arguments for the vulnerability of technology, but no one is going to hack into your account unless you are a high-profile member. And then there's TOR browser. Suppose I upload a virus on google's servers (i know, not possible by me) using tor browser at home, can you find me? No you can't. My home is a private place, and TOR browser conceals my location. Privacy is not an illusion, especially when you are an introvert.

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Through sufficiently advanced science anything that anyone has ever done can be discovered, regardless of how much time has passed. Such technology does not yet exist but there's no guarantee that people thousands of years from now won't be completely aware of how you live your life now.
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