• Because it will get you more freedom

    Privacy is the most important things in our life. Without privacy you can't live. If the watchdog keeps on watching you, you can't get out of your house and you can't even open your curtain. Then you will lose freedom. So I think without freedom you can't live normal life like other people and privacy is the most important things

  • Privacy is not most but is very important in human life. Without privacy you can't live with tranquility or peaceful.

    Security is essential of course but Privacy makes your life as free and distinct individual powerful feelings that is key of happiness and satisfaction. Every human being must have right to live with privacy no matter what status you are and of course not with any negativity or crime or illegality.

  • Yes, privacy is the most important thing.

    I think that privacy is the most important thing. While we should all strive for a lot of various things in life, we should realize that without privacy, there is not point to it all. We all need to be able to maintain our privacy for our own sake and sanity.

  • Yes, Privacy is Difference

    The ability to have privacy rights is the ability to different and think freely without fear of being judged or incarcerated for your actions or personal lives. If we didn't have privacy, we wouldn't be able to do things differently than the rest of the world around us. SO what if I like to eat ice cream in the winter? I'm different, and I don't want to be judged for it.

  • 4 OUT OF 5 Psychologists Agree.. Brushing with secrets promotes healthy Minds!!!

    It is a Well Known and Established Fact that the human mind needs to have secrets. It is a fundamental growth process. The dismantling of one's privacy is in direct correlation with tyrannical, oppressive, predatory behavior. The need to control others is where the very need to strip privacy away is birthed. Witch can only be accomplished by means of manipulation of the individual through fear and threat. The very things that we are experiencing today is the very cause of such absurd questions. Ask yourself this question, and not others. Would I like to have someone else looking at me all the time?

  • Yes, but there is no privacy anymore.

    Privacy is probably the primary right on which all of the others rest and in the United States it was always taken very seriously. However, now we see that no warrants are needed anymore to look into someone's life because it is all on line for all to see and this sets a dangerous precedent.

  • Mental screening invades privacy

    Our right to privacy makes it so that the overnment is not allowed to mentally screen the population once a month, mental screenings can cut down on suicide, depression, and mass shootings which happen way to often. Mental screens can pass people with depression on getting medications they need to cope with everyday life, psychopaths can get help before they snap and have mental therapy before walking the streets and people contemplating suicide can find help

  • Although it should be,

    In cases concerning serious crime the government needs to get involved. There are so many people who get away with child abuse or assault that never experience the consequences because of legislation against the interference of private life. Privacy is a right, and it gets taken away when it's abused. Putting innocent lives in danger warrants the denial of this right

  • There is no harm if it happens anonymously.

    In a democratic environment, it is every individuals choice how much of their life they allow others to see. Every day people post countless posts on social networks and then complain about that data being used, even if anonymously, to provide better ads. If you say something in public, you must be responsible for it. There is no harm in providing, say, medical data of patients to services that need it. That doesn't, of course, include cases where the data is used against political opponents, etc.

  • There are things that are more important the privacy.

    Having the right to be fed is more important. It is no good locking yourself in a room in the middle of nowhere (privacy) with nothing to eat or drink, then starving to death. Health care is also more important than privacy because nothing is more important than your own life.

  • No, privacy is very important, but is not the most important right!

    I think that privacy is one of the human primary right, but, obviously, the right to health care or, more important, free speech have more importance. Of course without privacy, you can't live a life peacefully and with tranquillity, but sometimes it is not an option: it's not always possible.

  • No, privacy is not always an option in the interest of national security

    No, privacy is not the most important right, because it is not always possible. In the interest of safety and national security, sometimes privacy rights are compromised. This allows the government to prevent certain actions that might lead to loss of life or injuries. The right to live without fear is the most important right, and in order to ensure that, sometimes privacy isn't an option.

  • It is one of the more important rights

    No, I do not believe that privacy is the most important right but it is very important. I think safety is the most important and the right to bear arms are even more important. If we are not safe privacy really doesn't matter. If safety requires privacy to be violated then it should be.

  • No It Is Not

    I do not believe privacy is one of the most important rights, but I do believe it is a right. I think there are many other rights to should be placed above privacy, like a right to health care or especially, free speech. Although it is not at the very top, I think we should look to protect our rights to privacy since they have been so badly breached.

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