• Yes based on scores.

    September 15, 2011 -- SAT scores for college-bound seniors in religious and independent schools this year were significantly higher than the national average in all three subjects tested (critical reading, mathematics, and writing), the College Board reported last month. Average national SAT scores were 497 in reading, 514 in math, and 489 in writing, while comparable scores for students in religious schools were 531, 533, and 528. Students in independent schools scored 541, 579, and 550.For all college-bound seniors across the nation, the combined average SAT score was 1500, 50 points shy of the benchmark, while the average for religious school students was 1592 (42 points above the benchmark) and that for independent school students was 1670, exceeding the benchmark by 120 points.

  • Private education is more effective than public education.

    Private education is more effective than public education. This is because private schools have less students and can focus more on every student. Private schools are not cheap so there should be an advantage to sending students to the school. I think private schools are better then public schools in general.

  • Yes, there is better funding and more focuss

    Private education is very expensive, and the money is well used to ensure that the education is a better fit for each student. Too many students take school for granted because it is free and mandatory. Learning is a privilege and learning what you want to know is more important. You get that better in private education.

  • Statistically, yes. Socially, no.

    Public schools offer more social interaction with a larger amount of people. Humanity enjoys socializing & happier people tend to be more "willing" to learn. I went to both types and preferred public school because i was able to interact with different people allowing me to get points of view i never got in private school.

  • no, most certainl not.

    There is no way that private education is more effective than public education. With public education, everyone has access to an education. Before the implementation of public education, there were people who could not even read. You should not have to have money in order to get an education at all.

  • It depends on the student.

    No, a private education is not more effective than public education, because there are parts of a public education that cannot be replicated in private school. In public school, a student is exposed to a wide variety of life. In private school, a student is only exposed to people who are like themselves.

  • Private education is no more effective than public education

    I disagree that private education is more effective than public education. I feel that though the curriculum of private schools may be better in some ways, it is ultimately up to the students of private and public schools to give their best effort in successfully undertaking their studies. The student determines how effective he or she can be.

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