• Yes of course.

    Public schools are schools for people who anyone can join. Bad influences for your children are provided there. While at private schools the school will choose everyone who accepted into the school and always make sure there are a good environment around your child. While private schools make sure your children are meeting friends with the right family background and the right families. Private schools have greater power and have better teachers as the teachers there apply for the job and they compete for the job. The winner will be one of the best teachers for that subject possible and this will provide your child with a much better learning environment.

  • Private Schools Selectivity Make Them Better

    It depends on the definition of better...But I think overall private schools are more at liberty to help their students. They have less students to worry about, firstly, so they can dedicate their time to making sure their students succeed. Also, they can select their students, so the atmosphere of private schools is nicer as well. But (having gone to both) do I think that the teachers are better at private school? No. The teachers are great no matter where you go.

  • Yes it is!

    Many kids going to private school have better educations. No, not just because their parent can afford college, but because its focused. If a child wants to be a scientist, they have a 75% chance of doing it, but at a public school many other influences like Physical Education and Health, may weaken their odds instead of giving their kids a dream they always wanted. Parents, do you want your child to be a dreamer in public school, or a do-er in private school. Or, do you want your kid to be a scientist that could provide for the family and help people, or a Fast-Food employee, making minimum-wage, fattening people up. That is why we need you to help your child achieve their goals, because many people can thing but private schools help people to do.

  • Yes it is!

    Private schools cost a lot, but it's worth it. Refer to the other posts on top of me, and you'll see why I consider private schools better. I have 17 words left, so... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Done!

  • No It's Not!!!!

    Private school is not as good as public school because private schools choose people they want to,not wanting every child possible to come.Public schools,however,don't judge kids based on their perspectives,they just want kids to have an education without being judged.So,parents, what will you choose?Private or Public??Choose carefully.You know you want to make your kids happy!

  • Depends on what you consider "better".

    Unlike the common perception, public school students in better districts perform just as well or BETTER than their private school counterparts.
    The reason that public schools in urban areas don't perform as well are due to poverty and the fact that a public school, unlike a private school, can't just kick out low performers or refuse to take certain demographics or children with learning disabilities.

  • I don't think so..

    Why are people talking about only public school's pros and cons? What about private schools? According to a study, only 46% of American's yearly income is 60,000 dollars. However, private schools cost 30,000 dollars a year. That is about half the income of 46% of Americans. In contrast, private schools are very cheap. Also, in Korea (I know this because I'm Korean) the best college is public. Like this, private schools are not always better than public schools.

  • Not at all!

    If you look at averages, quite often, yes, the private schools have higher average results compared to public schools. BUT, most private schools are select entry so you would hope that that means a higher average! Some public schools end up in the very top end of averages as well, and that means that a school that accepts anyone has actually taught better, and mentored their students to a very high standard.

  • No, not necessarily.

    I can't answer that. I mean, no one school is better than another. Some students excel at public school, while others excel in private school. For me personally, I liked public school when I was in middle and high school. But I liked private school when I was in elementary school and I am a fan of private college. Looking back, I am very glad that I attended public middle and high school. And it just depends on the school, really. I mean, I live in a wealthy part of America, and many parents that have money to afford to send their kids to private school, choose to send their kids to public school, because my school district is voted one of the top in the state. So, you see, I can't side on that. But for me, in the vast majority of my years, I can honestly say public fit my needs.

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johnsonbalke says2013-11-28T06:08:15.560
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