Is privatization of TAFE good for the majority of Australians?

  • Tafe is more of a left wing breeding ground than a college

    Tafes do not serve community interest instead they are a breeding ground for left-wing ideologies. If Tafe were privatised the quality of its education would be increased tenfold because there would be less focus on somebody's social problems and more focus on the schooling. Tafes seems more concerned with protecting refugees looking after somebody's relationship crisis worrying about people sexuality and most of all full of people trying to work out how to milk the system when I was at Tafe I had teachers teaching me how to milk the system. Privatise Tafe and give us the opportunity to learn again.

  • Private education trumps public 99 to 1

    Private education is nearly always better than public, because there is an inherent incentive model built into the system. In this system one must work to achieve their goals in order to realize profits. When the goal is student learning and success, this is easily driven by the schools need to profit, as opposed to public education, where it is done as a service to the students, rather than it's intended purpose, as a service to society, deemed worthy by payment.

  • No, the public system works.

    Private education is for-profit and not for the needs of society and the students, and does not even outperform public education dollar-for-dollar. Privatizing TAFE will make it even harder for young people looking for work or non-university tertiary education to find it, increasing the skills shortage within society. This will cripple low-income earners, weaken education, and force Australians who are not necessarily suited for university into it, or into unemployment.

  • No, the public system is admirable.

    No, privatization of TAFE is not good for the majority of Australians, because the TAFE has more credibility as a public organization. With TAFE having so much influence for the future of so many young people, society will have more pride in TAFE as a public institution. TAFE sets the standard for education for young people and it would compromise educational standards to privatize it.

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