Is "pro-choice" a code name for "pro-abortion"?

Asked by: Rafe
  • Let's start pointing the obvious:

    Pro choice" people rarely, if at all, talk about adoption as a valid choice. Their whole argument centers around the "right" to stop pregnancies. They refuse to see there is another thing women can do if they do not want the baby.
    They will not accept there is a valid, and better, option than just going to planned parenthood and ending a live.
    Let's ignore the tactics this organization uses to sell abortions for now. "Pro choice" is, indeed, a codename.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Of course it is

    The people that are talking about women having a choice never mention the fact that they could also choose adoption or have chosen to abstain or even to have used birth control, it is just a way to sugar coat the fact that they want to kill the baby and get it over with

  • You don't have to like abortion to be pro-choice

    I don't like abortion, I don't dislike it either. I don't really care about it. I support keeping it legal because that's my tax dollars going to stop women from having abortions. I have no interest in doing that. And if a woman gets pregnant and its mine and I don't want to be a father then I want her to have an abortion. And if I wanted a baby then I'll just try again with someone else.

  • No, it certainly is not.

    Someone who is "pro-choice" is not "pro-abortion." Pro-abortion means you support having abortions. No one is really "pro-abortion." Pro-choice means you support giving a woman the choice to do what she wants with her own pregnancy, and you believe it is not right for a government to tell a woman she has to carry out a pregnancy, especially when she can't support the baby financially and the world's orphanages are already overpopulated.

  • There's a difference

    Pro-choice is a choice.
    An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

    Pro-abortion is when they specifically support the woman's choice to have an abortion and the support for the other decision of keeping the baby (even when they don't want to have an abortion) wouldn't be present. Pro-choice is simply stating that they have the right to decide from the two choices.

    Maybe It's true that there are people claiming that they support "pro-choice" but in reality, they're supporting "pro-abortion". In the end, not everyone claiming that they support pro-choice should be labeled as people who are really supporting pro-abortion. There's a difference. Their argument centers around the "right" for the woman to have an abortion possibly because pro-life only supports one choice while they support the two choices. Most of them are probably just emphasizing the fact that pro-choice allows them to choose the decision pro-life doesn't allow them.

    I'm not saying I support pro-choice, pro-life or pro-abortion and I'm also not saying that any of the two (pro-choice and pro-life) is right or wrong for me. I'm just stating that pro-choice isn't necessarily a code name for pro-abortion.

  • Are you kidding?

    Nearly all pro-choice people, such as myself, disagree with abortion itself. We just believe women have the right to choose and that the government has to right to decide for them. Keep it safe, legal, accessible, and clean! Because remember, banning abortion does not stop all abortions. Just the safe ones

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