• Only women should decide what to do with their own bodies.

    I believe politicians only claim to be pro right in order to
    get votes from the Christian right voting block. They want to ban abortion for all people
    according to the teachings of the bible, yet not all Americans are Christians,
    and America is supposed to have freedom of religion. There should be separation between church and
    state and abortion should be legal. I am

  • Yes, pro-life is a better choice.

    If speaking from a child's point-of-view, we can say that pro-life is a better choice than choosing an abortion. This will give the child a chance at life, and having a family, either with the birth parents or with an adoptive family. While it may be stressful on the woman carrying the child, especially if the pregnancy is unwanted, this discomfort lasts for nine months, while regret can last a lifetime.

  • No, Pro Choice is the right stance

    Since it is the woman's body, it is for her to decide what should happen to it. You have nothing to say on this matter. In the end, SHE is the one who carries the fetus for 9 painful months, and SHE is the one who must give birth to it, and SHE is the one whose life must be ripped apart by the baby. Hence, the final say is not up to the government, but to the woman who actually owns her body. And she might choose abortion...Or not. (it doesn't matter; the point is that the woman has the choice to make, and is not forced to become a baby-making machine by the government)

  • The hypocrisy is laughable on this topic!

    I love how people always say their "pro-life". A teen gets pregnant at seventeen, now she decides to keep the child. Here's where the hypocrisy comes in. If she would have got an abortion then "pro-lifers" hound her. But she keeps the kid, and doesn't have enough money to support. She'll probably use government services, and the pro lifers would complain about their tax dollars going to waste. And what the heck is pro-life? I'm pro-life, want to continue living, but I also believe people have the choice do what they want with themselves.

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