• Ever wonder about meaningless touchdown?

    You see it time and time again A Team is down big-time cannot win could not convert on 3rd down the whole entire game but then their last meaningless Drive they can March down the field 100 yards in 2 minutes to score to kill the spread you see it time and time and time again the meaningless touchdown.

  • I believe it is fixed, After reading Michaels Knights argument stating it is not. . .

    I literally had a giant “ah ha! ” moment! I just realized that if it’s true you can’t bet on the NFL in Vegas, Then it absolutely is fixed. Otherwise, Wouldn’t it be considered racketeering. I am pretty sure I can’t bet on who is going to win the next WWE championship for the same reason. Although, To be fair, I have never tried placing a wager on that either. . .

  • Fixed like WWF!

    Watched many, many games over the years! I have VHS proof and DVR proof! Everytime I show some gunho football fantasy fan, 'his' jaw drops to the floor! It's simple! Watch the clock when play is over by player going out of bounce with the ball! Clock stops for 10 seconds then starts ticking before the next play! Not the 'play clock for the next play' but the actual game clock. Also, on most plays def or offensively, there are always minor infractions,fouls or penalties! So a score or big play happens that wasn't planned happens, play is called back on some minor infraction and it usually takes a few moments for an 'unknown' review and confirmation on the field. Also, forward progress,knee down,contact and a catch are all shady rulings used at opportune times, and usually 'colorfully' enforced! It's simple to see without speaking,or attempting to point out on a keyboard! DVR your next few games. Later watch them and dissect certain questionable calls,situations! Most of all watch the clock! Clock is the biggest indicator!

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  • Illegal hit n game in sreelers at bengals not called.N y run ball with 1:00 left its like refs were going for pitt

    Then turn around everytime bengals ready to score turn over steeler play leads with helmet not called. I mean .Just like last week jets should have won but come 4 quarter quarter back throws three pick. Steelers shouldnt even be there .Everybody in ther right mind can c that. That n steelers r not even playing good ball. Its like the nfl draws a team out of hat before season starts n they know what season going to b like already conting playoffs.Hell they already no whos going to the SB. N if its going to b like that give every team a chance instead of paying players n refs off

  • Protecting the Business of Making Money

    Officiating is the way the league protects who is or not going to win. Statistics don't support the team losing at halftime comes back and wins. Bills vs Jags the 4th quarter interference call. If not mad by the refs the game goes to Buffalo. If the call is made the game went to the Jags. Case in point. The winning TD pass by the Jags, there is holding against the Jags which is not called. Look at the play, see it for yourself. Watch 55 on defense clear as day holding against the Jags not called.

    Since the League is promoting the league as honest and using Tax Dollars to support their business. Can the NFL be prosecuted for fraud and sued by all communities for Trillions of dollars for having the refs swing the games. All the refs need to do is either throw the flag or not throw the flag. There is no review of the call. It only takes less than 10 plays to make the game. Even the announcers see the bad calls.

  • Pro football is fixed

    It's not the players it has everything to do with the refs. The league protects itself through the refs. They either will call penalties or not depending who they want to win. The league states there are more penalties called earlier in the yr than at the end. The reason is that they need fans to come to the stadiums. If games aren't given to bad teams then that is lost income to to the league. Couple of yrs Buffalo beats New England in Buffalo 31-0 in the 1st game of the yr. Tom Brady stated in the Post conference talk WITH JOURNALISTS that Buffalo is a good team. Buffalo was a 4-12 team. The game of the yr Buffalo loses to New England 31-0. Yah the games aren't fixed.

    Watch todays New England and NY Jets. Watch the refs, they will the game close all the way to the end.

    What legal actions can be taken against the league because they are using Tax dollars to support their business through deception methods. Not reviewing bad calls made officials. The league wants the public to believe the game is honest.

  • Some of the games are scripted like a Broadway play

    Jag vs Bills - 1 play interference caused the game to go the jags in the 4th quarter. The league protects the business of making money through the officiating in all games.

    1)statistically the games can not all be as close as they are unless the refs kept games close.
    2) how can quarterbacks come back as often as they do from behind and win. Statistically the numbers are staggering.
    3) Marv Levy Superbowl against the redskins confronts official at halftime and accuses ref of being bought

  • Any Given Sunday

    You could suggest that underdog teams can win against great teams- but how do you explain Pittsburgh always losing to Oakland- one year Oakland was 1-15 that year with their only win against pittsburgh- The Browns game always seams to cover the spread. There is no way that some of these games should ever be this close unless it is to cover the spread. Even the year when Bill Belichek ran up the score on every single team. Just watch for yourself- i think if you watch with a more open mind- you can tell its fixed.

  • When cheaters prosper-No doubt

    Belicheat cheats his way to the top in a crappy conference. They get punished for outright cheating (deflategate) with loss of draft picks and fines. The saints dont cheat but their coach is not allowed to be anywhere near the nfl for a year. Where's the fairness. As long as the commisioner favors certain teams the answer is yes. I'm almost convinced that it is as fake as WWE. I'm done watching the nfl.

  • Professional football is not fixed.

    Professional football is not fixed. Just like any other sport out there professional football will always attract criticism from somewhere. Claiming that it is fixed just because there is a sore loser in the crowd is really wrong. If you do not like the game, you are not forced to watch it.

  • No, how could it be?

    In this age of quick information and huge monetary rewards for big scandals, I have a hard time believing that something as huge as the NFL being fixed would go under the radar for so long. Could you imagine how much a story like that would go for? It seems that money is a very powerful motivator.

  • No, the players have too much at stake personally.

    Though football is a team sport, every player needs to make the best name for himself in the game because only the best will succeed and earn huge paychecks. If players plot to fix games, too many players would suffer the consequences. Also, there would be too many people who would need to know about it, and secrets like that just cannot be kept in today's times.

  • Football Is Not Fixed

    Professional football is not fixed. That includes the NFL and arena leagues. The NFL has more parity than any other professional sport. They also have a draft system that does not lead to people thinking they are cheating like other sports. To think professional football is fixed is ridiculous. They don't even let you bet on the games in Vegas.

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