Is Project Chanology a constructive form of protest against the teachings of Scientology?

  • It was free speech.

    Yes, Project Chanology was a constructive form of protest against the teachings of Scientology, because Project Chanology was an attempt to make sure that people have accurate information about Scientology available to them on the internet. Porject Chanology took shake after Scientology sought to have Tom Cruise's infamous interviews taken off the Internet. Anonymous and Project Chanology just wanted people to have information.

  • Yes, Project Chanology got evryone's attention.

    I don't think Project Chanology would have occurred if the Church of Scientology had not tried to pull the Tom Cruise video off the Internet. I think a lot of resentment has built up against Scientology. The attempt to pull the video off youtube got the attention of Anonymous. They mustered their network to action with the intent of drawing attention to what was happening.

  • A subtle approach

    Yes, this project is meant to slowly aim at the religion of scientology, and begin to make people start breaking away from it. They are being very smart about their approach though, and I bet will be very effective at breaking scientology apart before they realize what is going on.

  • No, Project Chanology has little to do with the teachings of Scientology

    Project Chanology is a protest against Scientology’s threat to internet neutrality and freedom and really has little to do with the actual practice or belief in Scientology. Project Chanology was launched in response to The Church of Scientology removing clips of Tom Cruise acting in bizarre or what may be perceived as ways damaging to the church.

  • A Lot Of Opposition

    I do not believe Project Chanology is a constructive form of protest against the teachings of Scientology. I believe this obvious because it has met criticism from others who are very much against Scientology but do not support the way Project Chanology protests the church. Opposing an accepted religion is tricky and I don't think this campaign is constructive.

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