• Prop 13 is good for California.

    Prop 13, which allows for a 1% property tax cap, is good for California. Although it doesn't allow for an increase in revenue for the State, it can be a more attractive selling point for families, investors and business owners to want to come to California to purchase real estate.

  • Fewer taxes for once.

    Yes, I think that Prop 13 is good for California, because for once California is actually taking a step to reduce taxes. With Prop 13, people can have a lot more assurance that their property taxes are going to be determined in a fair manner, and that their taxes will be consistent with tax rates in the rest of the state.

  • Prop 13 has runed California

    Since the 1980s California home owners have suffered because of prop 13. For example if a person bought a house in 1972, their taxes for their home will remain at the same tax level as it was in 1972. If someone buys a house next to the person that pays the 1972 tax rate, how is that fair for the 2017 home buyer? Both home owners should pay the same property taxes. It's hurt California real-estate for generations and it will continue to get worse.

  • Prop 13 to limit marriage, while legally correct, is not good for the State.

    While the judiciary should not determine the laws, only interpret them, there is no question that a state which recognizes that gays should be allowed to marry is a society that increases its stability and provides better alternatives to foster care and state care of children. California, and every state in the nation, should take steps forward and make gay marriage legal through the referendum or legislative process.

  • Probably Is Not

    Prop 13 is a bill created back in the 1970's that limited the real estate taxes in California. Overall the bill receives wide support and those who propose changes often receive political backlash. For many areas of the country, real estate taxes are what makes the local community and government tick. For this reason I would have to say the proposition has created many problems in the state.

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