• It is trickery

    Yes, the use of propaganda is immoral, and is wrong to use on a person, or group of people. It is simply tricking someone so that they will follow what you say, even though it may be completely false. It is very wrong to use, but is used every day.

  • Yes, propaganda is amoral.

    Propaganda has been the string holding many tragic events together. I don't think I need to go into detail of the events from World War 2. If you use lies to fool the general public from the truth, what will happen when they find the truth? This will shock anyone and will cause a lack of trust in any leader.

  • I agree that progaganda is amoral,

    The reason that I believe that propaganda is amoral is because I believe that it is an influence on the minds of the people that are subjected to it in a negative way and when people are taken in by propaganda they let their lives become controlled by fear and superstition.

  • Propaganda is not amoral.

    Propaganda is not amoral. Propaganda can be used for positive purposes which would be moral purposes, or negative purposes which would be immoral. Depending on what the Propaganda aims to accomplish, it can be categorized as being moral or immoral. Propaganda can be used to motivated people to act in a a way that is beneficial to themselves, or in a way that is harmful to themselves.

  • Propaganda is sometimes done for good reasons.

    Propagance is not amoral in itself. When people think of propaganda they tend to think of extremes, like Hitler's use of it to rise to power. But in reality, propaganda is often used for things like "picking up your litter" campaigns or "preventing teen pregnancy" campaigns. Propaganda simply seeks to get out a message.

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