• There is a line

    If it is used to get rid of health problems smoking drink driving ETC then yes as the advertisers have your best interests in mind. But if it is used to recruit for a war IE both world wars to influence your choice at your risk then i would draw the line.

  • It depends on the content

    What does one mean by propaganda? Is it just exaggerated claims? Is it a form of hyperbole?

    If propaganda is outright lies, I would say that lying is immoral, and that kind of propaganda would be immoral. If it is speculation, it is on the individual to decide the truth of it, making it perfectly moral. It is spreading of ideas.

    Like anything else, it really depends on the reality.

  • A Neutral Tool

    Although it may seem on the outside that using language to change their opinion without their consent is wrong, what is often misunderstood is the fact that propaganda is merely another tool in the toolbox; and like a hammer, the way in which propaganda is used does not define its morality. Just because a hammer can drive in a nail or beat someone to death does not make it "good" or "evil;" rather, it reflects the motives and intentions of the one using it. It is the same with propaganda.

    In addition, some are under the misconception that propaganda is lying since it presents only one side of the issue. This may be true, but the power found in propaganda is not from the fact that it lies to people. If this were true, propaganda would not have any effect at all. Rather, the power of propaganda comes from the nature of people to take things at face value and not research it for themselves, resulting in uninformed opinions.

    Finally, while those saying propaganda is immoral go on about the negative effects, they ignore the fact that by the very act of posting on this question they support propaganda. By posting here, you are attempting to spread your view, the very thing propaganda does.

  • Skepticism is Best

    Propaganda is not necessarily immoral. Particularly in this day and age, where it has been repeatedly proven that government lies to its citizens, people should look very critically atanything the government says and seek independent verification of that information. That way, people can learn the real truth and not just a skewed version.

  • Betterment of the Country

    Propoganda has been used to spark inspiration in those that wish to server their countyr and to protect it. In Canada, we won the war against Germany with propaganda techniques; if people hadn't wanted to fight, the outcome in WWII would have been severly different. Even looking at Adolf Hitler and the techniques he used; He built an army just by talking about what he believed. Propaganda may have insighted poor choices, but that doesn't mean it didn't work.

  • Murky ground

    Is voicing your opinion amoral? is expressing your views a bad thing? As long as propaganda isn't lying, as long as the facts are portrayed, it can't be amoral. We do live in a country with free speech, and as long as we have that rigt we have the right to spend oney on getting our opinion outy there. It is human nature to spread our views to debate and to try and convice others to our cause. While it may be unfair at times, so are many other things in our society, and we can't stop political or religious propaganda just because we don't agree.

  • It is immoral.

    Someone could easily do something negative with propaganda that could have a lasting effect that cannot be reversed or altered on someone else’s mind. I do think one would have to be careful doing an experiment in this matter so it doesn’t breach any moral conducts.
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  • There is a line

    If it is used to get rid of health problems smoking drink driving ETC then yes as the advertisers have your best interests in mind. But if it is used to recruit for a war IE both world wars to influence your choice at your risk then i would draw the line.

  • They think for you

    When someone is using propaganda they always think the targets are not capable to think for themselves and that is why they are stripped from this universal right. The propaganda's arguments are always lies, it shapes the reality in order to trick the target to act in different ways. In propaganda people are considered objects, numbers, tools not human beings. Evolution gets no benefit by having manipulated, mindless followers.

  • The illusion of free will

    , political attempts at propaganda cause the public to become effortlessly united and controlled under a common power through the extra information and graphics given by media. They give the public the illusion of control over the choice they are given to make but the goal is to persuade society of a certain action. Wars have also gained extra heat and national governments have risen to a point that the state department has entered in a propaganda war with ISIS. “The State Department is launching a tough and graphic propaganda counteroffensive against the Islamic State, using some of the group’s own images of barbaric acts against fellow Muslims to undercut its message.” (Doc #4 Fox News) Online forms of media have with no doubt taken a large part of the future of governments and nations. Wars are now being fought physically and through cyberspace, occasionally leaking to public view. This causes innumerable acts of controversy by both sides of the enemies expressing their own political standing. With wars being fought online, both governments alike have the time to generate fear to their adversary.

  • When is lying moral?

    I think this is a simple question. Yes propaganda is effective and has influenced societies in positive and negative ways. However, that is not the question. The question is whether it is moral or not. Propaganda is the intentional spread of misinformation catered towards manipulating. I don't think it takes much brains to figure that lying to massive amounts of people is immoral.

  • Based off of the country we are in, within the first Amendment, it states that we all have free speech.

    Meaning that everybody can state their own opinion. Look at it as voting for two different kind of presidents. Each person that votes, has an opinion behind his mind. Or look at it as Westboro Baptist Church, since they are on U.S. soil, they have the right to speak their views. Even though thousands of people do not like their views towards many things, they could not do anything about it since they have the right to speak their views. So propaganda is giving people from any race, color, religion, the right to speak. Like in the 1940's, the American-Nazi. The Nazi's came to America and spoke out their views, since they were on our land, had the right to give a free speech. Millions think it's wrong and some are right. Therefore, we all can speak our views while others can listen or just leave.

  • When Is Manipulation Ever Moral

    Propaganda misleads people and makes them believe and feels lies. When has propaganda ever been used for good? Do those few instances outweigh all the bad? It's negative effects are still presents in the forms of racism, homophobia and sexism. People should be given unbiased facts and allowed to decide how they feel on their own.

  • No, there is a difference between right and wrong.

    While free speech is one of America's most sacred rights, using it in a form such as propaganda is far from moral. Whether it was Woodrow Wilson's propaganda department or Joseph Goebell's propaganda ministry, propaganda has been used to mislead the public to making poor choices. We may not silence speech because it has equally disastrous consequences and propaganda; however, we do not need to recognize propaganda as "moral."

  • Exploiting the ignorant

    While it's on the masses being shown the propaganda to understand the issues and not be swayed by outright lies, it's still immoral to try to exploit ignorance to further an agenda. Propaganda is by nature meant to exploit and take advantage of peoples desires and fears through dishonest means, it isn't something that should be looked upon fondly.

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