• Yes it is.

    Prostitution is a freely chosen profession. For the most part, women or men who resort to prostitution are try in pay for drugs or other illegal things. No one is forcing them into prostitution, it is their choice that they want to be involved with prostitution just like it is your choice for whatever job you currently have.

  • Yes it is

    People will argue against this but I think there are always other career professions out there so it is up to the people who chose prostitution whether or not they participate in prostitution. They know the dangers and consequences of it and they still enter a prostitution ring so I blame them.

  • Yes and no

    Whoever said prostitution is something you choose to do is woefully misinformed. Close to 60% of women in the industry are coerced, forced or trafficked Into the business. Most of them were abused mentally emotionally physically and sexually as children; And believe it or not not every person in the business is on drugs a lot of people who opt to live that lifestyle for pure financial gain.

  • No no no!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry you people are out of your damn minds. Allowing prostitution to be a "profession" is ridiculous. Young teens then can easily have access to sex. If people want to sell their bodies they might as well engage is porn. I know teens will still always watch porn ,but at least they won't be engaging in sexual activity.

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