• That a man or women can seek the services of a prostitute with no drawbacks is a threat to marriage.

    Marriage is a commitment between 2 parties. When one party can break that commitment without any drawbacks that can harm a marriage in many ways. Affairs can go on for longer, the sexual relationship with the spouse can deteriorate as well as the emotional one. Prostitution could be legalized, if divorce courts were able to access records. At least then there would be a small amount of protection for the spouse who has been betrayed.

  • Yes, it is a breakdown in traditional relationships.

    Yes, prostitution is a threat to marriage, because men or women that want sexual relationships outside of marriage can easily find it. Anything that is not sexual relationships within the confines of a committed marriage is a threat to marriage. Prostitution is also sad for the, mostly women, who feel they have no other choice but to engage in prostitution. Society needs to rally around these women and help them find other choices.

  • It is not black and white like most are making it out to be.

    Some of you are stating that marriage is an agreement between 2 parties. Agreed. To a point. When it comes to sex their are no traditional relationships out there. I have personally know a couple that would invite a third party because the wife is bisexual, how many men would say no to that offer?
    Now when it comes to prostitution: if you speak to professional sex workers, they will tell you that they have had experiences with couples that wanted to spice up their sex life. The sex workers are very happy to oblige because they feel like they are actually assisting in the excitement of that marriage, which they may very well be doing.
    Not all prostitutes are forced I to it, and not all are voluntary. People love to polarize and strawman because they feel a need to have a tangible target. People feel threatened by ideas that conflict with their beliefs so they want to have an enemey to attack. This is not conducive to a peaceful society. Acceptance and tolerance of beliefs other than your own is key to the progress of human society.

  • Prostitution is a threat to a lot of things but not marriage

    A good healthy marriage will not be affected by prostituttion. A spouse who doesn't value loyalty will cheat no matter what, they will somehow find a way, they don't need prostituion to cheat. But a good marriage is not affected by it at all. However, I do think prostituion is bad because of other reasons such as exploitation of young women by pimps, brainwashing, rape, sex trade, etc. Some prostitues are independent, intelligent women who choose to live this life, but manyyyy are women who are of poverty or low intelligence and they are taken advantage of by pimps. They are brainwashed into thinking that their pimps love them and that they can't function without them, so they become entirely dependent on them and are exploited and taken advantage of without even realizing it. Not to mention the rape and abuse and sexism.

  • Prostituition Does Not Threaten Marriage

    A good, sound marriage will not at all be threatened by the availability of prostitution. It is easy to blame services for familial problems, however, if someone has the intention to cheat they will do it with or without a prostitute. There is no reason to believe that this type of service threatens the common marriage.

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