• Its a victimless crime

    There is no difference between picking up a girl at a bar verse picking up a hooker or escort. Stop listening to police or religious views, if it was 100% legal there would be less pimps and more jobs, its your body your choice. There is no argument about this, the churches in the USA have puahed there views are full of bs.. Look at Amsterdam they dont have an issue....All thats needs to happen is it needs to regulated by health codes, the government wants to control every aspect of your life...

  • In my heart of hearts, I definitely believe that prostitution is a victimless crime.

    In my heart of hearts, I definitely believe that
    prostitution is a victimless crime. Who
    is the victim? Prostitution is a
    business agreement between two consenting adults to have sex for money. Both parties willingly participate. One is getting sexual satisfaction, and the
    other is getting money for the act. What’s
    the problem?

  • Both parties are willing participants

    Yes, I do believe that prostitution is a victimless crime. In fact I believe that prostitution should be legalized so that those that work in the profession pay taxes just like other working individuals. In the end, both of the parties, the prostitute and the customer, will participants. The only way I see prostitution having victim is if the girl is made to work in the profession against her will.

  • Yes, and it should not be a crime.

    We can not exactly say it is victimless for many of the women who live this life are victims of society and have no way to support themselves or their children. Given that, though, if both adults are consenting to this type of business deal then it should not be prosecuted for it is victimless in that sense.

  • For The Most Part

    I believe that prostitution is a victimless crime. I believe there are women out there who chose to offer the service and they tend to collect hefty sums, they operate like a business and should be seen as a business. I believe women can be taken advantage of or possibly forced into the field, but I don't feel as though that is the same thing as general prostitution.

  • Yes but it could lead to worse things

    Technically there is nothing wrong with prostitution as long as both parties are engaging in the practice of their own free will. The issue though lies in the fact that prostitution can lead to a lot of negative effects on society that are not needed. So for the better of society it is best to keep it illegal.

  • Some women choose this.

    I did, it got me through college and I saved for a nice house in Boston. My kids will have a better life as I'll have no mortgage, saved $2 million in 9 years, bought a house, and have over a million in stocks. I have a good job now and graduated Boston College. Frankly, I'd rather have sex with a guy for an hour even if he's an ogre than work 20 hours making lattes and sandwiches in a cafe. My husband knows and thinks it was smart, though I married after I stopped. It was the best decision I ever made, improved my GPA, freed up time, I traveled and saw the world. To me, sex is just an act, I'm not religious, and I enjoyed FWBs and casual sex and bi sex a lot in my early '20s. At 22, I thought, I'm hot, why not get paid, did it till 30, now I'm 32, graduated Boston College, have a good degree. My kids will live in a world class City and go to Boston Latin, one of the best public high schools in the country, see the world, and not live in boring suburbs with a mortgage, all that money each month I'll have for them. I had a better GPA, graduated Boston College, best choice I ever made. I had no money and would have dropped out of school. I hurt no one. Men were happy, so was I, they got to avoid dating and being controlled, I had fun too and made great money, win win, pure choice, never molested, never abused, my choice, my body, stay out of it. I have no STDs, made a lot of people happy and myself. No one was hurt. I'm surprised any woman wouldn't do it but I'm glad they don't, or I'd have made a lot less.

  • Yes, some women take sex more lightly.

    Not everyone is religious. For some women, and men, particularly younger ones, sex is just a thing to do. Sure, some women are forced into it by pimps, and the pimps should go to jail for rape if they forced them. Some are on drugs. But you are really making a leap if you just blindly assume not a single woman would rather have safe sex for one hour than work in a cafe for 20 hours or more making lattes and sandwiches. Many women would rather be in poverty because sex is deeply personal and meaningful, sure, but many others have friends with benefits/FWB, one night stands, sugar daddies, so prostitution is a small step up. Same with stripping and lap dances with touching. Most women would not do this, but many would prefer to have a better GPA in college or dedicate time to artistic pursuits or just have more money saved to buy a house when young, or simply are lazy and would rather work 5 hours a week doing something they find fun or at least bearable than be chaste and work long hours in a dead end job. If there were no traffickers or pimps, it wouldn't disapear, the prices would just go up, which is already happening. In any free society, some women would prefer to earn 2-300 an hour and 1500 a day and half a million a year, or just have low volume and make 50k for 5 experiences a week, which many women have for free, and have more free time. Some hot women are paid 500. You can't think for all women. I know, because I did this for 9 years and later married and had kids and have a normal life. I saved up and bought a house in Boston and my kids will go to Boston Latin, one of the best high schools in the country, and have a great childhood in a cultural, great City, and I'm so happy I saved $2 million cash when I was young and graduated from a great University, Boston College. I have a great career now. Sex means nothing to me. You aren't inside all of our heads. I was never molested and I was never forced. I enjoy sex and learning about men. It was fun. And many men were greatful to me for the convenience and didn't want to be controlled by women, lie to women, or go on 3 dates, they just wanted NSA and couldn't get someone of my appearance or at least not without a whole lot of stress. Plus I got very understanding of men and very good at sex.

  • Prostitution teaches skills.

    Hookers learn how to please a man. When the time comes, they are going to be a good wife in bed. Sex is important. If she can please her man, he will provide for her. Such a situation is a win win for all concerned. Prostitution should be truly mandatory.

  • Forbidden fruit tastes better

    In my humble opinion, prostitution is not only a victimless crime but a kind of a service given to a customer due to the fact that it affects both genders. There is a wrongly understood stereotype that only men are the customers and women are so called 'victims'. It's true that in some cases females are forced to procreate without their will to do so, but in majority of cases it is their consciouss decission.

  • No. Prostitution always has a victim.

    No. Prostitution is never without a victim, and quite often, the victim is the prostitute. Most often, the decision to become a prostitute is made out of necessity only. This decision often comes with the loss of freedom due to "pimp" representation, induced drug addiction, and sexually transmitted disease. I'd say the prostitutes have it worse than the people that pay for their services.

  • No. Prostitution always has a victim.

    No. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. Prostitutes are most often driven to their profession by way of having no other choice. In many cases, prostitutes are controlled by someone who is able to procure their clients. This is a form of abduction since that person is able to hold the prostitute "hostage" to her money and her life style.

  • No, it's not a victimless crime.

    It is rarely the media-approved version of prostitution, a sexy and highly-paid adventure where business is conducted at upscale bars and in hotel rooms; though some sex workers do have that experience, most do not. For the vast majority of prostituted women, prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered.

  • No, it's not a victimless crime.

    It is rarely the media-approved version of prostitution, a sexy and highly-paid adventure where business is conducted at upscale bars and in hotel rooms; though some sex workers do have that experience, most do not. For the vast majority of prostituted women, prostitution is the experience of being hunted, dominated, harassed, assaulted and battered.

  • Prostitution is not a victim-less crime

    While I appreciate the arguments on both sides, I think sometimes we get caught up in our own individual experience or we give our opinion without doing any research. I can tell that some of us have done some research, and I'm really glad to see that. I also hope that we will show compassion for people who are suffering.
    Here is what I know from doing research for a class project: not all prostitutes are involved in prostitution of their own free will. Minors are taken off the streets and forced into prostitution. Children are stolen for the sex-trade. Drugs keep women docile. Abortions are forced because women who are pregnant are not good for business. Yes, some of these women and children are abused, beaten, and repeatedly raped into submission. Of course many women choose to become prostitutes, and I can only imagine that they are not ill treated. There are prostitutes who have chosen their life and have attested so. I think it very important to see the whole picture. There is rarely one side to any issue.
    One last victim to consider: the spouse of the man who chooses to hire a prostitute. That person is likely to be be hurt if and when they find out. Especially if they develop an STD.

  • No, the vast majority of prostitutes are exploited and coerced into service.

    The vast majority of prostitutes are exploited and coerced into the service until their will is broken and they submitted to sexual slavery. Studies have shown places where legal prostitution is tolerated the demand sexual services grows so great that people travel from all over the world to rape their victims to satisfy their desires. Prostitution is not a victimless crime.

  • I think this is one the oldest profession in the world.

    Women have been selling their body for years! In some state prostitution is legal and if you want to sell it, its yours do and you please if you don't sell it get a husband instead. I did it for the money I took this man for $95,000 in 7 months and we only had sex four times and he bought me BMW and my daughter a 2007 Grand-Pix so what I gave him what he want and he gave me what I needed!! True story

  • The majority of victims are women and children

    Studies and many interviews with prostitutes prove it to be so. Many prostitutes come from homes of abuse and incest. The majority of prostitutes have been physically and mentally assaulted, raped by customers and pimps, controlled by drugs and alcohol, beaten, threatened and murdered. Prostitutes are the ones who routinely face jail time, lose their unborn child to abortion through force, become sex objects

  • Is prostitution victimless

    Although I believe that prostitution should be legal or at least decriminalized,it is not victimless. Women who go into the 'trade' out of desperation,are the victims of a society that does not give a hoot about people who are down and out. Prostitutes are the victims,American society is the perpetrator.

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