• Of course it's immoral

    Like most things that are immoral, I don't really think it should be legislated, but that being said, sex outside of marriage, sex with a partner that is married outside the consent of their current partner (adultery) is immoral.

    Immorality is different than legality in my mind... Should it be legal or non-criminal? Sure
    Does it go against the teaching of what many religions teach? Yup

  • No woman should be seen as a slave.

    Prostitution is slavery for woman. Even if it is old, it is a form of slavery. We have nothing to fear other than breaking the chains. If we do ban it entirely, we can train prostitutes for other jobs(ie:mechanical/manual jobs). Prostitution is holding back women. If we want to become equal, we must get rid of it.

  • Prostitution is Immoral

    In many ways, prostitution is immoral. No woman or man should sell their own body in return for money. Doing so is highly immoral, and it can lead to plenty of dangerous situations. With that in mind, we should keep prostitution illegal and fight to reduce the number of prostitutes working illegally in the country.

  • Prostitution is immoral.

    I think prostitution is immoral and a disgusting thing to do to your body. It is not the only thing and source of income that you can receive and the people that do it are degrading themselves and their body by making themselves be a thing that you can buy. You should never allow yourself to be degraded like that.

  • Prostitution Harms Sex Workers, Clients and Families

    As it stands, most prostitutes were tricked or trapped into their trade. While it is moral for adults to make financial arrangements freely, most prostitutes do not act freely. Most are addicts, mentally ill or virtual slaves. Prostitution is also bad for clients. They form inaccurate ideas of what sex partners enjoy, and cheat their real life partners. Families are damaged if a parent picks up a disease or spends family funds to buy sex. In an ideal world sex work could be an excellent job, but at present such a world is only a fantasy.

  • Morality is internally driven.

    Morality is not about religious beliefs. It's an internal radar of right and wrong (as opposed to ethics, which is an external radar).
    Prostitution is immoral to me because it feels wrong internally to puruse such a career choice.
    I'd ask anyone to consider this... If you wouldn't choose prostitution as a career, or want any of your family to be in it (children, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) or even your friends, then you perhaps also believe that it is an immoral activities. Your own internal radar is telling you that it is wrong, thus immoral.

  • Prostitution affects people who are not involved in the physical intercourse; and they don't want to be.

    Prostitution is defined as "the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment or some other benefit." In other words, there is no form of emotional intimacy or connection. Beyond the personal implications this brings, I'd like to narrow into the issue of how a simple act like that could create a ripple effect.

    Firstly, anyone could engage in intercourse as long as it is consensual and between people of the legal age. So that also means that "anyone" could be your father, mother, brother, sister, daughters or sons. Do you permit that? And let's say you do, do you dare say it changes nothing? The fact is that anyone who engages in such activity will cause much discomfort to their loved ones; and in cases where it is also a form of cheating; hurt and distrust.

    So you say " Fine, what about people who are single? " Are they going to remain single for life? If they are, I might just consider compromising. But if that's not the case, the idea of having "less commitment" at the moment does NOT grant you the green light. (Irony, I really meant to write the red light.) It is the same concept as a child who has not yet graduated to the full effect of law on adults; and therefore; should commit as many crimes as possible. It doesn't work that way.

    Apart from all these tid-bits and food for thought, there is a range of aspects why I believe prostitution is immoral. Oh well, it is after all the world's oldest profession- and the dirtiest.

  • Yes,why? Sex is lust which is not merchandise

    Lust makes you blind by blocking your brain , this is the whole point,
    you can't ask husbands to be loyal and faithful when they can find something which they desire the most every where in super hot bodies and guess what IT IS NOT IMMORAL ANY MORE!!!!!!
    And as i hate seeing my sister or daughter there i also hate to see others beloved one in that place as sex workers.

  • Yes, why? Sex is lust wich is not some merchandise to buy

    Lust makes you blinde by blocking your brain , this is the whole point,
    you can't ask husbands to be loyal and faithful when they can find something which they desire the most every where in super hot bodies and guess what IT IS NOT IMMORAL ANY MORE!!!!!!
    And as i hate seeing my sister or daughter there i also hate to see others beloved in that place as sex workers.

  • Yes,why?Sex is lust not some merchendise

    Lust makes you blinde by blocking your brain , this is the whole point,
    you can't ask husbands to be loyal and faithful when they can find something which they desire the most every where in super hot bodies and guess what IT IS NOT IMMORAL ANY MORE!!!!!!
    And as i would hate seeing my sister or daughter there i also hate it to see others beloved one in that place as sex workers.

  • Prostitution may be illegal, but I don’t think that it is necessarily immoral.

    Prostitution may be illegal, but I don’t think that it is
    necessarily immoral. It’s a natural part
    of life. Men’s sex drives are a lot
    higher than women’s. Also, men are polygamous
    by nature. Men are only monogamous
    because they feel like that’s what is expected from them by society.

  • Reduces the amount of rapes if you think about it

    They are providing a service. They are not harming anyone. Women's and men's sex drives are roughly the same (although women tend to be more private about it) and so male and female prostitutes are in no way immoral. I completely respect the job they do, and feel sorry for the ones who have nothing else.

  • Not at all.

    Prostitution is not immoral and should be legalized. Prostitution is known as one of the oldest professions. It's simply supply and demand. If we legalized prostitution then we could tax it and regulate it so it is brought into the light. I do not think that is is a immoral profession.

  • No, prostitution is not immoral

    I disagree that prostitution is immoral. It is a practice that has occurred throughout human history it is "history's oldest profession". Prostitution is only immoral when women are being exploited against their will. It would be better for society and for women if prostitution was simply accepted as a natural part of humanity. Prostitutes then would not have to face scorn and shame for what they do and would be protected under the law.

  • Prostitution is Not Immoral

    Prostitution is perhaps the oldest profession on planet Earth. It is only immoral if the critic has religious beliefs which support that prostitution is immoral. In countries where prostitution is legal, the economy is stable and the incidence of sexually transmitted infections is lower than those countries which view prostitution as immoral. Some might say that prostitution is illegal but societies can redefine this.

  • Practiced because of circumstances!

    The prostitution ring is a cycle. Is is a cycle of financially poor people being subject to poor circumstances. 90% of the time, a prostitute's child may join the proffession, this clearly says something. It is an issue the government must resolve not by making it illegal, rather the solution is education. Often these sex workers make barely enough to send their kids to school and thsi leads to a non-stop cycle. The government must boost its expenditure on education to ensure the cycle ends and that is only possible when the children are provided with other opportunities.

  • At its best it's amoral; at its worst immoral, but never moral. It's immorality depends completely upon the harms that result from it.

    There are a number of variables which can make any given instance of prostitution more or less immoral. Given that from the prostitute's perspective the motive is financial, the degree to which prostitution is a choice depends on how pressing the financial need underlying that choice. A trafficked sex worker brought out of poverty into a new country where they have no option but to sell themselves or starve can hardly be said to be doing so out of choice.

    Further on up the scale, imagine a single mother, earning enough through part-time work to survive, but hardly enough to prosper. Perhaps she may turn to prostitution in order to enhance her child's and her own quality of life. While it's lamentable that the economic and social order may have failed to prevent such situations occurring in the first place, such an individual is not prostituting herself as a means of survival but as an attempt to enhance her quality of life. While not ideal, it does seem to resemble choice somewhat more, and begins to seem less immoral.

    Towards the other end of the spectrum one can conceive of a university student with no pressing needs wanting to afford luxuries and wipe off student debt. This latter example seems far more founded on free choice, and it is hard to see what harm he/she is suffering by simply taking advantage of clients willing to pay for his/her services (obviously assuming a safe environment is provided for the execution of the work).

    So while there are evidently some situations where harm is being committed I cannot say a blanket 'Yes, prostitution is immoral', as I believe the degree to which any given instance of prostitution is immoral is completely circumstantial. However I do highly suspect that the majority of prostitutes worldwide do not operate within the 'moral' zone of this industry.

    This is only half the story however. It must also be considered whether it is immoral for the prostitute 'user' to be using the prostitute. To an extent this mirrors the sliding scale of morality described above. If the user knows the prostitute is working as such out of choice and treats the prostitute with due courtesy and respect, it is hard to see what harm is being done to the prostitute.

    I notice a lot of people in the 'Yes' camp arguing that it is immoral for husbands to cheat on their spouses using prostitutes. I think this has deviated from the question being asked. That assertion only means that 'infidelity' or 'lying' is immoral, at least certainly where fidelity and mutual candor are agreed standards between a monogamous couple. But the user's marital status is not material to the question of whether prostitution in itself is immoral.

    The morality of prostitution depends upon the harms it causes, and where safety and free choice are involved it is difficult to see where any deliberate harm is being produced.

  • Prostitution is not inherently any more immoral than any consensual sexual interaction.

    Sex is not immoral. So long as you aren't cheating on any partner(s) you may have, there is nothing wrong with getting it on, so long as proper consent is acquired. The big sticking point with prostitution is potential abuse and exploitation. However, I believe that the reason these things are so rampant in this industry is because it is illegal. Prostitutes are not protected by the law. A legalized and properly regulated sex industry employing willing workers with full protection of the law would be perfectly moral. Our society needs to stop treating sexuality as a dirty and shameful failing of human nature, and instead just another part of life. I know the church disagrees with me, but what right do they have to decide what is, and is not, moral?

  • Prostitution is morally wrong!

    As a student, Prostitution is morally wrong for me. It is devoted to corrupt purposes, we all know that it is taught in many different religions and beliefs. Its not all about satisfying one's own desire but it takes away the reputation of the person engaged in the action. If you have engaged yourself in doing so then you have no respect for yourself, which makes it morally wrong. Think about it! Why need to follow the old human nature when we have enough time to change it.

  • Marriage is a long term contract for economic security - but that's considered moral ??

    Find a man with a good job - that's what your mother tells you. Why? For your long term financial security. Marriage is a long term sexual and financial business contract. Prostitution is just a short term contract. In many ways it is more honest and straight forward. No jealousy. No games. No deceit. No hidden agendas. Clear expectations on both sides.

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