• It is okay and should be legal

    It’s okay if all a person has to offer is sex. They should be able to make a living off of it if they can’t afford or don’t have the resources to do anything else. Prostitutes/sex workers in general have been offering what many people want but can’t get. It would not be their fault if a man cheated on his wife with a sex worker, that’s the man’s fault. HE chose to have some sort of sexual relation, while the worker would just be doing their job. What should be illegal is forcing someone into prostitution, AKA sex trafficking. Overall, prostitution does not do any harm, it’s how you a client would use it.

  • People can't have relations such as in prostitution outside a marriage.

    Marriage is supposed to create a responsible sense for the parents so that they can take care of the child. With prostitution, their is a huge risk that a child might come into play and the women and man don't have enough solid commitment towards each other in order to take care of the child. Why create all of these issues?

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