Is Protestantism better than Catholicism?

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  • Protestantism is inferior to Catholicism.

    This is the case, because the Catholic Church traces it's origin directly back to Christ himself. The whole protestant movement was actually started by Martin Luther, a Catholic priest and heretic who let his pride get to him, 1500 years after the founding of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

  • Yes, it is better than Catholicism.

    The Catholic Church does not adhere to sola scriptura, while much of Protestantism does. This is actually the root of Martin Luther's Protestant reformation. Scripture is the infallible word of God while the Pope, cardinals, bishops and priests are sinful men whose communication with God is illusory. This is evidenced by the Catholic Church's practical deviation from the first canonical scriptures. The Protestant church is consistent in its belief, particularly Presbyterianism, while the Catholic Church is not catholic at all theologically united.

  • Catholicism is the true religion

    Catholicism dates back to Christ himself and Protestant were made by a person who Thought he could change the teachings of Christ and he did that in 1500. Also Protestant teachings were expanded bc of king Henry of England wanted a divorce and the pope didn’t let’s him divorce. What I’m basically saying is that Catholicism is the true religion rather than that of the Protestant “religion”

  • Yes ofc it’s better

    There’s no doubt that the Catholic Church is the first to exist,but how is it tracing its origin back to Christ? The Catholic Church has declared many saints these days,whose title is the patron of.... .According to the dictionary, a patron saint refers to a dead person who protects a particular place . However, since God is the one who created the world, only he has the power to protect or destroy places. That’s why claiming that someone is a patron saint is not tracing it’s origin back to Christ. This is simply the behavior of worshiping idols.
    So you may still argue that the Catholic Church is the original Church. However,in the late medieval times, the “original” Christian Church was very corrupt. Kings had to be crowned by The Pope, as if he had the power to rule the world. Again,only God and Jesus Christ has the power to rule. Also, the Church claimed that buying indulgences is the only way for God to forgive our sins. God forgives our sins if we truly repented,but not if we bought indulgences. Furthermore, many people were poor and they didn’t have money for indulgences. Does that mean they couldn’t be forgiven?
    Most of all, the Catholic Church collected a lot of money from the poor in order to get money for themselves . God tells us to love one another and this behavior is harming others for their own use. This is also doing something bad in God’s name,which he wouldn’t appreciate. As a result, the Reformation began. The Reformation had only happened because of the corruption problem. The leader of the Reformation, Martin Luther followed the original teachings of God,which is to worship nobody but God and Jesus Christ,and ,of course,helping the poor instead of taking away their money.
    You may say that he’s prideful,as we have no proofs that he’s not and you can just claim it and say it’s true. However, how was he more prideful than the Pope nowadays? He claimed that he can lead the people to worship God.

    Posted by: JLaw
  • Gott uber alles

    The silly Catholics speak a dead language whilst we proud and mighty Protestants speak what we please. We adhere to the Lord's work as it is written, the rules set in stone, not crazy ideas like no meat on Friday. Also, we have many minor differences in opinions between each denomination allowing one to choose what church to go to as apposed to Catholics that have a set value system. Finally, they have an annoying, bureaucratic government based in another country, the most un-American thing. But all of the founding fathers of America were Protestant. Think about it.

  • Protestants follow the Bible

    In the Protestant religion, we strictly follow what the Bible says. However, there are certain false Protestant churches like the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Seventh Day Adventists who give wrong or false teachings of the Bible. Lutherans count in this as Martin Luther did have a wrong reason of the Bible and still followed the Catholic ideas. Orthodox Christianity is only a mixture of Catholicism and pagan Russia. Freemasonry is a religion on believing in any supreme deity which they call the Baphomet. Freemasons can be of any religion ranging from Christians to Jews to Hindus to Buddhists to even Satanists and Luciferians. But anyway, Catholicism has a huge amount of pagan beliefs. For example, Catholicism only appeared during the time of Emperor Constantine. The Eucharist, holy water, and all that rubbish came from a mixture of Judaism and pagan Rome. Many of the pagan deities became saints and angels. The worshipping of Mary was increased from many mixtures of pagan deities from the mother goddesses Cybele, Gaia, and the Egyptian goddesses Ashet(more commonly known as Isis) and goddess Hathor. The Babylonian goddess Astarte was mixed in as well. The Bible says that we cannot worship any idols or images of deities as shown in the 10 commandments. Jesus also taught against idolatry and false prophets as he is God as the Son. Jesus is the Saviour and Lord our God. Mary is not even though she was chosen to give birth to Jesus. However, this does not mean that we should worship her as the Queen of Heaven unlike what Catholics believe(look it up if you want) nor think she is a sinless woman. Every person has committed sin except for Jesus who was perfect and went on to let himself be crucified for the love of us and to cleanse us from sin. The Pope is NOT closest to God. In fact, in the Bible, it states that not even John the Baptist was closest to the lowest rank of heaven. Every man is lower than heaven and are all equal. The Pope is also not close to God as the Vatican has a long history of corrupt and gay popes not to mention popes who had lustful desires. Take Pope Alexander VI for example. He hosted lots of orgies with his sons and daughter along with bribing his way to being the pope. He also bribed the Vatican for his son to be a cardinal. Pope Julius III kidnapped a teenage boy and raped him. He even made him a cardinal. Pope Julius also hired Michelangelo to make statues of boys having sex with each other. These are just a few facts I'm posting. There are way more corrupt facts about Catholicism including where priests were expected to commit suicide as a tradition a long time ago.

  • Protestantism attempts to be Simply Christians, like those at Pentecost

    We do not follow the pope, because the first Christians had no pope. We do not believe in purgatory, because the first Christians did not believe in purgatory. We do not believe in Indulgences or Hail Mary's or Icons, because the first Christians did not have those. Catholicism follows a man and trusts their souls to a mortal. We trust our souls to Jesus, who died for our sins. Which is better?

  • Not greedy compared to Catholicism

    It is actually not greedy. The Protestants are not ones to worship idols or give money and gifts to the church so god can forgive their sins! God should forgive or punish you and take no bribes, like Catholics hope. God does not need the money of a person. God forgives everyone.

  • Catholics are the best.

    In the protestant religion their are no rule. You can do whatever you want. This is not the same fro Catholics. Also protestants believe in the opinions of a mere mortal named martin luther while we believe in the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Catholics are the religion closest to God.

  • Truth, Truth, Truth

    The Protestant idea that scripture is the only means of finding God is a lie at best, and it is their principal claim. The fact of the matter is that there were no Gospels until nearly 50 years after the death of Jesus, so how were his teachings passed on? Through oral tradition. So the Bible is not the sole infallible source of the word of God. The fullness of the truth of Christ's teachings is only found in the Catholic faith, in that the traditions and beliefs passed on through the generations are the same as those held by the original Apostles and Disciples.

  • Fullness of the Truth

    Protestantism is not better than the Catholic Faith mainly because the Catholic Faith alone teaches the fullness of the Truth while Protestantism only teaches some of it. It can be said that Protestantism gives you only a mere vision, prefiguration or a foreshadow of the teachings of Christ while Catholicism gives you the teachings of Christ in its completeness, entirety and fullness.

  • Protestantism is not better than Catholicism.

    These religions are just two forms of Christianity which have differing beliefs. However, they are both based in the tradition of God in Christ. They should be treated on the same level as Christian religions. In any case, religions cannot really be compared. They all have values to those who adhere to them. People should be free to worship as they wish, without being judged as having a better or worse belief system.

  • No, it is simply personal preference.

    Protestantism is not better than Catholicism; they are simply different ways of worshiping the same God, with different hierarchies. In fact they are not much different than the way Islamist worship God. God is God, and religion is simply a method by which a person chooses to have a relationship with God, so whichever method works best, is best for that person; but does not make one method generally better than another.

  • I agree. Not better, equal.

    I can't really comprehend as to how one religion could possibly be better than another. Perhaps one religion could be superior in all great making aspects to another religion, but that's about it. I hope I've made my views on this clear so to conclude, Protestantism is not better than Catholicism.

  • No religion is better than another.

    No one can say that any religion is better than another. It is all a matter of opinion and preference. Technically, according to scripture, it is not up to anyone but God to pass judgment. This goes for all aspects of life, including whether or not one religion is better than another. Everyone has a choice as to which religion is best for them. What is better for one may not be the same for another.

  • Not better, equal.

    Any organized religion cannot possibly be graded, compared, or held in competition to any other. Fervent believers on both sides would defend their faith as better, but in reality they are simply different. Why could one faith be "better" than any other? It is all in what you believe, so any faith is equal to every other, unless you apply your own set of morals to it.

  • Catholicism Makes More Sense

    Protestants think the bible is always right but catholics know that the bible was written by man and translated and passed on in many ways and as the world changes so does the word of god which is why the Pope overrules the bible, Because times change and that is okay

  • Catholicism is the true religion

    Catholicism dates back to Christ himself and Protestant were made by a person who Thought he could change the teachings of Christ and he did that in 1500. Also Protestant teachings were expanded bc of king Henry of England wanted a divorce and the pope didn’t let’s him divorce. What I’m basically saying is that Catholicism is the true religion rather than that of the Protestant “religion”

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