Is providing better education to areas of poverty the only way the world will have enough food to feed everyone?

  • I think education has an enormous potential to do good

    Education and knowledge has the potential to ease poverty though not "solve" it. I do not believe poverty can be solved in a capitalist society or any society for that matter. I think education can make a big difference. The only reason AIDS is so prevalent in developing countries is because people, typically men, believe that taking virgins will relieve them of the disease. Education and a firm reprimand may, and I stress the word may, lower these numbers. Education also results in revolt and revolution, which though assigned a negative connotation, has essentially built some of the most well-off societies today (such as America). Do I think education alone will end poverty? Not exactly, but I believe education is the foundation from which we can move up and address the gross inequalities that have somehow become an inherent reality in our society.

  • Education is not Step 1 in Eradicating Poverty and Food Distribution Issues!

    The World's Governments have many more steps to take before precluding that Education will be the only way everyone in the world won't go hungry. Addressing issues like the mortality rate, the standard of maternal health and fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic must come first. Without babies living through their birth or past their fifth birthday, who will they have to teach in the schools?

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