• Better All Around

    The PS3 has the most exclusives. Games such as God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted. Xbox 360 only has Halo and Gears of War. That is it for them. The Xbox 360 has a Failure Rate of 54%. The PS3 has a 10% failure rate. PSN Runs on Dedicated Servers. It lags less than Xbox Live. Xbox Live runs on P2P Servers. It is a proven fact that P2P Servers lag more than Dedicated Servers. PSN is Free. You have to pay money for the Xbox Live on top of all of the other things you may want.

  • Xbox is stupid!

    I love all of the playstations better than stupid Xbox.
    The graphics are better and the controller is easy to control. I feel like Xbox copies off of the n64 controller. Do a comparation. You see it? Xbox can break easier by the way. And it only has 3 systems.
    PlayStation has at least 8 or 9 controllers. So yea. Hey Xbox.
    N64 wants their controller back. #getrekt

  • Yes It Is

    The Playstation 3 is better than the Xbox 360. The Sony console is more powerful and has a blue-ray player attached to it. PS3 also has better exclusive games, not just a bunch of first person shooters for people to play. The Playstation costs a little more but it is totally worth it.

  • Its always better

    Ps3 has a stickier stick to control around and is very needed for platforming games and its less expensive to play online thats why the xbox 360 is less money. Xbox live is slow and dumb and why would you play on a custom server if you could play on a REAL server!

  • PlayStation is way more powerful

    360 is weak and 50 percent of the time it gets red ring after a month. People are always exited until the freakin the crashes in the midle of the video #lollol.Also PlayStation is way more popular
    aswell as it has more g.B I dont know how people stand these things

  • Xbox's games are mostly first person shooter games.

    Call of duty and halo are the reason a lot of people pick the xbox, but online gameplay costs money. Simple solution, get a ps3 because a lot of people, including myself find it cheaper while having a lot bigger game selection. Being a ratchet and clank fan, I prefer the only console to have games by insominac .

  • Region free games

    You dont have to choose whether its made from China,USA,etc. When we are buying games, our family have to waste time about 1 hour just to choose ONE GAME. If your xbox came from USA then, you have to buy a game that is made in USA. In ps3 you dont have to choose where country your game came from, you can just buy from internet even if its international. Actually i even dont own a ps3 but everyone says ps3 is better, i searched for comments and feedbacks and it is actually true.

  • The controller is smaller and easier to use

    It is a lot easier to use than xbox controller. The internet is better and there are a lot better varierty of games for ps3. Also microsoft tries to put everything in a stupid console and They are greedy and only have super realisitic games for xbox and is bulky

  • The controller is smaller and easier to use

    It is a lot easier to use than xbox controller. The internet is better and there are a lot better varierty of games for ps3. Also microsoft tries to put everything in a stupid console and They are greedy and only have super realisitic games for xbox and is bulky

  • Xbox is crap

    Microsoft is a bad company, and personally, their franchises and consoles are horrible. I grew up with the Playstation 2, and I actually wish Xbox consoles never existed. The Red Ring of Death is a serious problem that everyone ignores for one reason: it's Xbox. Xbox is bad, stop supporting it!

  • Xbox 360 is way gay...

    Everything is not free. Weak system. Doesn't even last all night. Then overheated fastly. Can't use a blue tooth. Control you have to buy battery which is a waste of money. It doesn't even last a whole year. I have my Ps3 since when I'm a freshmen. And it still better. Waste of money just to have to pay for Xbox Live. Ps3 doesn't get overheated. It even last longer than Xbox. I see people that have an Xbox 360 and couple months later. It broke. Weak game system ever. It doesn't matter how the control design in Xbox but the battery sucks. And online have to pay. Have to pay most thing in Xbox 360.

  • X-box is a lot better than ps systems

    I have had my ps3 for about a year now and all it does is freeze and i tried the x-box 360 and it was a lot better it was 4 years old and it did not freeze at all and it has better games like minecraft and halo and other games

  • PS3 Totally Sucks!

    1. Xbox Live is more secure than PSN

    It’s true that the PlayStation Network is free and that you’ll need to
    pay to access online features with Xbox Live. But the old adage
    remains true: you pay for what you get. Xbox Live remains a more
    secure platform than the PSN, subject to far fewer hacks and other

    And while the paid PlayStation Plus service is certainly a great
    value, the fact remains that if you have security concerns the Xbox
    360 is the better of the two. No network is going to be perfectly
    secure, of course, but Xbox Live has never seen a month-long hack in
    which tens of millions of users were affected.

    2. The Xbox 360 controller is better, especially for shooters

    It may not come with a rechargeable battery pack or cable, but the
    Xbox 360 controller does fit much more comfortably to the shape of the
    human hand. The thumbsticks also respond with more accuracy than those
    on Sony’s DualShock controller, making the Xbox 360 a far better fit
    for anything that requires pinpoint precision, such as first-person

    There’s nothing wrong with the PS3 controller, of course, but I find
    the layout and grip on the Xbox 360 controller is a tiny bit more
    intuitive, though it’s quite possible that children and people with
    smaller hands might prefer the slightly more compact offering from

    3. Better exclusives if you like shooters

    I’m not a huge fan of shooters, whether third or first-person. This
    makes me lean more toward the Sony exclusives like Demon’s Souls
    andLittleBigPlanet. But if you’re a fan of shooters, Xbox 360 is the
    only place to go for the Halo franchise, or the Gears of War games.
    Likewise, even cross-platform shooters will have a more robust online
    community on Xbox Live than PS3.

    Meanwhile, even though the Killzone games on PS3 are decent shooters,
    there’s just not anything equivalent to the big dogs on Xbox 360 for
    gamers with a penchant for shooting at one another.

    4. Cross-platform games have more problems on PS3

    If anything, this seems to be more of an issue now than in the past.
    Games like Skyrim on the PS3 have game-breaking bugs. But many other
    games in recent months have had similar, though less enduring,
    problems. Users of many third party games have reported lag, freezing,
    game crashes and other problems.

    This is likely due to the fact that the PS3 is more difficult to
    develop games on, especially for cross-platform third party titles.
    While developers who devote all their time to Sony exclusives can
    produce remarkable results, cross-platform releases often struggle on
    the PlayStation 3.

    5. Integration with Windows and Windows 8

    Finally, if you want to network your console to your Windows-based PC
    or your Windows Phone, the Xbox 360 is the way to go. While you can
    link the PS Vita to your PS3, it’s trickier to network Sony’s console
    with your home PC.

  • Playstation overheats and constantly freezes. Gametime should be fun without fixing a problem every 5 minutes. I also prefer the Xbox controller better.

    Playstaions have problems all the time. Playstations overheat and freeze during gameplay. Fixing an issue every 5 minutes is not very fun while playing with family or friends. It is also embarrasing. The Xbox is quick, easy to use, has better family games, multiplayer games, and solo games. The Xbox control is also much eazier to handle.

  • Not a chance!

    I just bought a PS3 and find the interface very clunky! I also find it hard to buy good games from the PS store! Xbox has better graphics and to say otherwise is completely ignorant! So what if the PS3 has a blue ray player, who watches movies on discs these days anyway?! Also I hear Sony is gonna be making people pay for their online service as well on the PS4! I bought my 360 4 years ago and it works like the day I bought it. All ya have to do is install the game cause it seems to be the disk drive that goes first! All in all, Xbox is way better! Period!

  • PSN Is always getting hacked

    I am and Xbox user i love it. It has mlg and competes in championships and DOESN'T GET HACKED. The PSN has gone off for 3 months cause anonymous hacked them that has never happened with Xbox 360 the network may cost money but people buy it to play it and its a lot better then PS3.

  • No, they are comparable, but Xbox has the edge.

    Although the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have many of the same features, the Xbox 360 is vastly more user-friendly. This is especially true for people who have long used Windows operating systems. Microsoft's interface and look are more familiar to PC users, while Sony's PS3 uses a Linux-based operating system.

  • No, the Xbox 360 is better.

    While it is a person preference on which game console is better, I personally enjoy the 350 more. I like playing the kinnect, and I enjoy watching my eighteen month old grandson swing his arms to change an option. I like to hear him yell, "XBOY PLAY!" and I like the graphics so much better. Besides, I am older and set in my ways.

  • An Xbox is way better due to better graphics and more interactive features

    An Xbox is way better due to better graphics and more interactive features. People have access to the Internet, music and many other features. Xbox is used for many pro gaming tournaments and more people use an Xbox to play games. Downloadable games are easier to download on to the Xbox. Games such as Minecraft have been added to the Xbox for the best gaming experience. All in all Xbox 360 is the best gaming console there is.

  • Xbox is way better.

    Xbox is cheaper but it's a lot better. The controllers fit comfortably in your hands and the ps3 controllers just fell unnatural . Plus a ps3 with 12 gb is more expensive than the Xbox 360 with 500gb!!!!!!!!!!The Xbox live does cost but you get better and more popular games.

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