• now paying for a network

    Ps3 is better than xbox360 because you dont have to pay the wi-fi and they have better games and more free demos and ps3 is awesome and yall know that and one more question if you do like ps3 tell me why i need proffesional comments i need support for my claim in my homework :)

  • PS3 Is much better!

    Better Games such as:
    Gran Turismo
    Little Big Planet

    The Graphics are much better than the xbox`s
    Easier To Use
    The Controller isn`t big
    Backwards Compatibility
    Online Play is free
    Remote Play
    Wireless Controller
    Controller has a longer life
    Controller doesn`t need batteries
    It looks much better than a 360

  • All the reasons in my opinion why PS3 is way better then Xbox 360/ one

    1) Deribility sucks
    2) Laser burn
    3) graphics on 90% of Xbox games suck
    4) controls and console break easier
    5) if console gets too hot it shuts down
    6) you have to buy EVERYTHING on Xbox
    7) console freezes more
    8) more glitches then PS3
    9) takes A LOT longer to sign it and out
    10) harder to move joy sticks on Xbox controls
    11) buttons on Xbox controls get stuck in controller more often
    12) if u dont get it X is a sign for don't buy it or use it or have anything to do with it

  • Microsofts XBOX is nothing but a imposing copy of the Playstation.

    Playstation has been around since 1992. XBOX is 2006 (I think).
    XBOX only beats Playstation in connection because Microsoft obviously had the $$$. My brother has the XBOX 360 & he has got the gold membership twice AND he still can't play online. PSN is just signing up, adding the username, password etcetera, then play.

  • Here's the reason

    I'm a PC gamer but still I think that the PS3 is much better than the Xbox. I had a LOT of Problems with my Xbox 360 like overheating too quickly,or the disk is unreadable or even freezing and crashing in the middle of the game After 2 months I buyed it. And since I live in Europe it would cost a lot of money to repair my Xbox 360. My friend has a PS3 and he says the PS3 has so little problems that its almost unbelievable ! The only thing I liked about the Xbox 360 is the controller.Its really awesome.

  • Xbox broke multiple times

    I bought both within a year of each other. The xbox worked for about a year before completely breaking. I've had the original ps3 since 2006 and it has never had a single problem. I have friends who have sent in their xbox multiple times for a repair. Seems like Microsoft sacrifices quality for extra profit.

  • Way more power

    Regardless to all the belive that xbox fan boys think the xbox 360 fall in the long run games speak for them selfs look at the diffrence between beyond two souls compared to halo 4 no comparesence playstation 3 stands taller in the ling run as devolpers finaly utilize the hard that's why grand theft auto 5 was devolped for the ps3 its capable of 4D graphics because of the cell processor and the reason why it has out sold the xbox 360 beacuse peaple are finaly seing no new games on the xbox 360 unlike the playstation witch still has power left and room in the blu ray disks there realy nothing more that the xbox can do its out of power I mean look there hasn't been any new exclusive games for the 360 in a long while but playstation 3 is still churning out new exclusive games Sony built the playstation 3 to last for ten years but Microsoft built the xbox 360 only for maybe 7 years and its really showing its age it can't hold up like sonys console in the long the playstation 3 will out sell the xbox 360 buy alout it will reach 100 million and more but the box has may reach another 10 million if there lucky

  • Better entertainment system

    Ps3 has support for betterHDR rendering,better pixel shading performance and more flexibility with shaders, render targets and framebuffers due to lack of the small 10mb frammebuffer space that xbox 360 has.10 mb frammebuffer space is true disaster for graphics. Despite of that 3rd party games look better on xbox 360 because programmers design the games with xbox 360's inherited strengths as basis. But comparing 1st party games on both consoles shows what really Ps3 can do that xbox 360 can't in graphics department and it is not because of Cell (RSX GPU has a lot of potential no matter what they say). Plus Ps3 exclusives have better story and gameplay, plus wifi for free on Ps3, plus it is better media player system. I vote PS3.

    Posted by: Argy
  • Better exclusive games.

    PS3 had a lot of good exclusives, like the Uncharted series, the Tales series, Gran Turismo 5, The Last of Us, God of War, and many more, while Xbox 360 only had Halo, another Halo, Gears of War, and some other generic shooters, and guess what? Uncharted 3 had better graphics than all of those XBox exclusives.

  • Better graphics, UI, performance and stability AND SECURITY! (With updates)

    The PS3 has always won the war against gaming, and proved that it out rights the 360 in a million ways, instead of me just listing thousands of points, just search it up! :D But yes, the PS3 has Better graphics, UI, performance and stability AND SECURITY! (With updates) and it's has better exclusives and more games.

  • PSN may be free,but xbox live is more secure.Better exclusives

    You see,xbox live is not free,I know i am stating the obvious,but WHY is it not free. It monitors the kids activities,it has a security system miles ahead of the ps3's. Also,the xbox has halo.That pretty much says it all.All COD games run better on the xbox 360. The ps3 focuses on all round entertainment,and the only time they could prove that they are a front-runner gaming console was "uncharted",while the xbox proved it numerous times. I will not say that xbox 360 has superior graphics,because both are more or less same,although so far the xbox is proving that they are better in graphics too recently,with halo 4's triumph,but the xbox is better as a all round gaming console.

  • Xbox is better

    On Xbox 360 you can invite your friends to join in your party but on the ps3 you have to follow your friend from game to game just to talk to him. The GPU is more powerful. It has more powerful fillrate, and far more pixel and vertex processing horsepower. Part of the reason is their choice of memory, and architecture of pixel and vertex processing. I can’t get into details but the same vertex shader will run much slower on the PS3 than the XBOX 360. The three general-purpose CPU’s the xbox360 has are currently FAR easier to take advantage of than the SPU’s on the PS3. The Xbox live is much more fun than the PS3‘s Online. Xbox Live allows users to create a user profile, join on message boards, and access Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade and Marketplace and talk to other members.

  • In my opinion...

    X box 360 is better than PS3. You can only play Halo on X box and it is a good game. Yes you have to pay for wifi on x box but the network doesn't get hacked or broken into nearly as much as x box does. X box also have a lot better graphics that the PS3 cannot produce. The games for x box get released about a month before they do for the ps3. The ps3 is better to watch movies and the x box is for you if you are an all out gamer.

  • Ps3 is pretty much a knock off of Xbox

    Ps3 is pretty much just a free-knock-off-version of the Xbox360 and Xbox live. I do not think that Xbox has better deals, because they obviously do not. The reason you pay for Xbox is because you are actually getting what you pay for. It is not just some kind of scam. I also believe that Xbox has a much better security system the play station does. Remember when thousands of psn members got their credit cards hacked? I have never heard of anything of the sort on Xbox live.

  • Halo is only found on the xbox!

    If you were to say that the xbox was worse than the ps3, you have obviously not played halo or any ps3 game on the xbox. (also, I recognize Johnnyloco101 from the debate saying that ps3 was better than xbox, and I will say that I will talk about that a little bit more in our debate so I will not reveal much else here).

  • PS3 has to many problems

    PS3 maybe free but xbox is safer and more secure. Xbox has more exclusives, and is way easier to make games for. The controller is much better, i can make an avatar and i dont have to play call of duty to talk to my friends when i wanna play mass effect

  • Who cares, who cares?

    Who cares and how does this question prove anything?

    No matter what anyone states, it does not prove anything.

    Why is space wasted on stupid questions like this one?

    There should be a kids sections where all these stupid questions are posted.

    Everyday, more and more stupid questions. Thousands of stupid questions.

  • Ultimately, it depends on your genre preference and playing style

    If you prefer COD or Halo etc to name a few, the Xbox is your console choice. If you enjoy more complex genre specific games such as GT or GTA then the PS would be a better choice. The features are also more preference specific, a disc drive allows the owner to remove stuck discs, without major repairs being required. Wheres the PS offers Blue ray capabilities. Personally the Xbox is the best.

  • Depends on what you like

    I think both consoles are decent in their own ways, each has several Original games that differ from console to console, PS3 has free Live, But our live Brings more rewards to the user, I honestly prefer xbox. But once again it solely depends on what you are looking for, Things that differ is stuff like xbox has halo whilst ps3 has uncharted. So it depends on the type of gamer you are that you should choose the console that has specific games of that genre. Again PS3 has free Live, But i prefer xbox's Controller, and i believe its layout is much more organised, Once more, I voted xbox thanks to its the console that i own, and i assume that it is slightly better than the playstation, Now my judgement of this conclusion would be that i prefer games like Halo over ps3 exclusives, i also enjoy minecraft and other indie games that are not on the playstation because xbox has a huge library of indie games. Conclusion? It depends on the type of gamer you are to decide what console you want; If you want games like Uncharted, Killzone and little big planet. PS is for you, but if you are more into games like halo and lots of fun indie games. The xbox is for you! Thanks.

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Both of these are jsut terrible argumnts on either side.