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  • No, they're comparable

    I think right now the consoles are roughly even, with the potential of what the One is trying to do being something that will put it in 1st place in the long run. The additions to television and such aren't very well refined yet and not much of a draw, but I believe in a few years time when they evolve they will be huge.

  • PS4 Not Better Than Xbox One

    No, the PS4 is not inherently better than the Xbox One. Both systems are of a similar processing power level, and thus far both systems have mostly the same games. The only real reason to prefer one system over the other would be for the exclusive titles coming out in the future.

  • No i dont think so

    The reason why i think the ps4 isnt better than the xbox one is because they are about the same in a way. The reason why i would say that is the xbox one is the ps4 that microsoft made and why i say that is because microsoft only made it because they needed to keep up with the ps4 instead of making the xbox 720 and that is why i say they're the same thing

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