• Yes, science is defined as the study of and/or understanding of the fundamentals of a certain idea.

    As long as science does not change in basic definition, it would make sense to call pseudoscience a "real science." Pseudoscience is the study and research of theoretical ideas, both plausible and improbable. Science is not based solely on facts, contrary to popular belief, but in theory and the asking of questions.

  • Pseudoscience can be a science...

    The Modern science as we know is not fully developed.Something which we can't explain by our current theories in science, how can it be a pseudo-science. What if pseudoscience are just theories like a Bohr model of an atom..Etc. As science progresses we might learn that some parts of pseudoscience might be actually true.

  • By definition, no.

    This question is one of the most silly ones I have ever seen on this website. Pseudoscience does not include real science BY DEFINITION.

    I'm quite surprised that anybody is even trying to argue for yes. It isn't even a matter of debate. Next time try asking the question in a form that is at least logically coherent.

  • Not by definition.

    According to dictionary.Com, pseudoscience is defined as "any of various methods, theories, or systems, as astrology, psychokinesis, or clairvoyance, considered as having no scientific basis." This means that it cannot be considered real science. Astronomy is considered a pseudoscience because it does not involve science, whereas astronomy is considered to be a science because it does.

  • By its very definition, no.

    Since the definition of pseudoscience is "fake science", this question is a bit pointless. Pseudoscience is any of the fields and beliefs that try to "sound sciencey" to gain a veneer of respectability, yet do not follow the scientific method and have no evidence to support their claims. Most "alternative medicine", homeopathy, reiki, therapeutic touch, creationism/ID, crystal healing, "paranormal research/investigators", psychics, astrology, and the like all fall under this heading.

  • No, definitely not.

    Pseudoscience is, by definition, fake or false science. None of this nonsense peddled by these quacks has been proven to be true. Not aura healing or faith healing or astrology or ghost hunting or psychics or the "law" of attraction. It's nothing but garbage sold by snake oil salespeople, and we should stop it.

  • No, of course not.

    The very term "pseudo-science" refers to theories and ways of thinking that pass themselves off as being "scientific" when they really aren't; they're just nonsense. For example, a "pseudo-science" was "phrenology", the theory that you could tell a person's personality by the shape of their skulls. Another pseudo-science was "eugenics", the theory that in order to improve society, it was okay to sterilize certain people deemed as "undesirable." This is what pseudo-science is in a nutshell, not real science at all, but the very opposite.

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