• Everything is a worldview

    All science is performed by humans, thus all scientific research will be influenced by the worldview of a person.
    If the Big Bang makes a scientist believe in God, and makes the other an atheist, we are talking about the presence of worldviews.

    In psychology, you have names attached to the different branches - Freud, Jung and the like -, that is because these individuals interpreted their research in different ways, because they see the world differently.

    Thus, any form of Psychology is necessarily a form of worldview, based on research and the personal interpretation of this research.

    This not necessarily a bad things, but it is a thing.

  • Psychology studies human minds, but in other cases it shows the idea of naturalism. What do you guys think?

    Even though Psychology shows how we naturally behave, but its not necessary to say it's a world view. I'm no atheist, I love God, and he created science for us to live in this world. Obviously Psychology was made for us to know how we could interact with each others. And God made it because he want us to know how we work. So that we could help others who are in need (which is what God wants us to do.)

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