• Therapists ruined my sons life...From being an adolescent who tried his best at doing well, he became a brat, useless man with a super ego

    Now he can't last in a job more than a week. Before therapists and as an adolescent, he lasted 2 years in MC Donalds and was able to co exist with family. After therapists he became argumentative and unable to function in real world have a job or family. Sad

  • Most things are POTENTIALLY dangerous

    Almost anything you do carries with it some risk. The study of psychology has lead to a whole host of advertising targeting, and mind-altering brain washing. However, it has done more harm then good. It's given a whole lot of people that might be otherwise useless to society, and gives them a chance to fit in with modern society.

  • I'm being treated, and they influence you in a way that you can't resist.

    They current methods that are being used in current hypnotherapy have a strong influence on the patients. But what's worse is that the psychologists learn to use these methods in their normal lives. My landlord who also happens to be a psychologist tried to influence me to have sex with her.
    I'm not allowed to get a girlfriend, not allowed to smoke, etc. It took me a while why I didn't do these things but I do remember these suggestions. In my opinion: people are to power hungry not to use these methods wrongfully.

  • A little bit of knowledge CAN be a dangerous thing. As with most things, there are pros and cons...

    It's true, there are ways that psychology and psychiatry have vastly improved--and saved--numerous lives. Studying the workings of the mind has given human beings the power to understand themselves better, stop self-defeating behavior, alleviate addiction, and ease the burdens of terrible conditions like panic attacks, major depression, and anxiety.

    However, there is a side of psychology which easily qualifies as a 'dark art.' In seeking to learn how to modify behavior in ways that are genuinely beneficial and healthy, we've learned things which can help the most manipulative and evil people out there to achieve terrible things. Modern psychology and psychiatry IS abused to sway opinions and behavior through deception, to get people to buy things they wouldn't naturally desire (and cannot afford), to be happy in situations which SHOULD naturally cause unhappiness, and worse. Many scientists have attempted to learn what could make masses of people obey the deranged will of a man like Adolf Hitler to prevent history from repeating, and in doing so, have learned things which could easily empower another madman to get people to do the same or worse.

    Again there is a yin to every yang. Psychology/psychiatry can alleviate so much suffering when used carefully. But it can also easily be weaponized by the misguided, greedy and downright evil to manipulate people in horrible ways without their ever knowing.

  • Yes, psychology can potentially affect people negatively in a harmful way if mishandled.

    Psychology is not dangerous within itself but if it is misinformed or misled to the public it can lead to terrible things. Because of its influence in society, it is very important psychology is delivered to people correctly the first time without creating too much problems.

    On the other hand psychology has been responsible for many harmful things such as pseudoscience, hoax psychological tests, to misinterpretation and foolish ideas. So it can not only misinform you about itself but it has and still might miss inform you about yourself.

    Be careful.

  • Yes it is potentially dangerous.

    Psychology has the authority to potentially give you the wrong idea about yourself. It can range from pseudoscience, hoax psychological tests, to misinterpretation and foolish ideas.

    Whether or not its safe depends on how well it disproves what was previously thought to be true.

    Psychology is not entirely understood. Neuroscience picks up where it lacks and it's a much safer route in studying the mind for its objective and empirical information.

    Not unlike psychology, psychiatry is an example of psychological medicine that is controversial in it methods of healing. It is based on a disproven premises that prevails out of miss guided authority over what's true.

    Psychology's danger lies within its potential to misinform people of their own individual nature.

  • 'Yes' but the question is leading - surely most things are POTENTIALLY harmful if you try hard enough.

    Surely most things are potentially harmful and this does not negate their 'goods'. Even water is potentially harmful - it just depends on what you do with it. Does this imply that we shouldn't explore our minds rationally (study psychology)? No more than we should ban water.

    The 'spirit' behind the question and what it is getting at is unclear.

  • Unauthorised psychological experiement

    I know a case of a psychologist telling people what to say about a particular person, no-one questioning it and harassing person to bits resulting in loss of job, friends and threats in the community. Psychologist broke into house and has access to phone messages. No confidentiality, instead spreading all sorts about person. Pretending to be on persons side by saying stuff then asking the person to hire her knowing they wont after what he's said. Essentially destroyed persons life. Claimed person is dangerous and has medical condition following a complaint from that person for harassment at work.

  • Yes, it is because many Americans uncritically accept its overly, narrow approach to larger-scale human problems.

    Psychology currently enjoys a status, prestige and reputation in America that belies its pathetic results. In spite of its semi-religious aura on popular television and radio talk shows, it rarely "cures" anyone of their maladies, often causing worse complications due to its increasing trend of prescribing many, untested medications with terrible side-effects. It virtually ignores the social, political and economic problems affecting large numbers of Americans, choosing instead to place all responsibility for human troubles on isolated individuals. By doing this, it insulates many of its practitioners from their own personal responsibilities to the larger, failing social, political and economic climates. Furthermore, I will challenge any common American to find a psychologist who will ever define normal human behavior. Instead, a person will encounter psychological "experts" who offer an ever-growing laundry list of "disorders" that must be controlled, medicated or extinguished to produce an "adjusted" individual to the faulty society that goes unchallenged. Increasingly, the psychologist has replaced clergy by pulling the "science" card and claiming results which actually turn out even worse than those accomplished in churches and synagogues. Someday, America needs to raise serious questions about the false myths told by peddlers of psycho-babble.

  • Psychology is a science.

    It is the science that studies the behaviour of a human individual, it may study reactions of the human individual to certain impulses. It is a science therefore it can do no harm. It is paper and information, such as maths and philosophy, phisics and biology, and many others. It is a science it counts facts and statistics and points out conclusive answers to questions regarding the topic.

    You may have been confusing it with hypnosis, which allows a person to enter your mind, and if he/she is not a proffestional then there is harm to be done.

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