Is public education in the USA fair to people in economically disadvantaged communities?

  • Yes it is

    In many American schools there are free lunch programs, free bus programs, free sports programs, and free materials. There are many kids who belong to families that are not financially stable, but no matter what they are able to attend a public school and they are offered all of these programs. If anything, this isn’t quite fair to the financially stable families because some families abuse these free programs. But without a doubt, the public education system is definitely fair to the economically disadvantaged and they have more than enough offered to them in order for them to succeed. Thank you!

  • We do what we can when they're at school.

    I think that yes, it is. We spend a lot of money every year on education, and even more on communities that are economically disadvantaged. We do everything possible to ensure that kids from poor communities compete on a level playing field. The main problem, though, is that we can't control their home environments.

  • Yes because everyone can go to school no matter the income.

    I believe that public education makes everyone able to go to school no matter what situation they are coming from and what type of money their parent's make. If we didn't have public education a lot of underprivileged children wound not be able to go to school without public schools.

  • Generally It Isn't

    I do not believe public education in the United States is fair to people in economically disadvantaged communities. Schools receive a large portion of their budget from the taxes collected in their community, so when communities are overall poorer, so are the schools. I believe schools in poorer communitites are disadvantage and this is a severe injustice to the students in these classrooms.

  • Poor communities have poorer schools.

    School funding for schools is normally decided by grades. Schools in poor communities that started off under funded have a hard time giving their students the education required for them to get better test scores. This means they are a great disadvantage, when it comes to obtaining funding, to improve the schools. This is unfair to the children in poorer communities who will need a good education to rise above their socioeconomic status.

  • Education is not the same in ever community

    No, I do not think that the public education in the USA in economically disadvantage communities. The equipment is worn out and is rarely replaced in these areas. Not to mention the books are either old and out of date or they do not exist. Lastly the classrooms are so over crowded that even if there was decent learning materials the students would not have the space to actually utilize them correctly.

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