• Yes, public financing is okay for campaigns.

    I think that it is okay for political campaigns to get public financing. I think that there isn't anything wrong with it and it is only something that reflects the views and will of the local community. If the public is okay with it and there's nothing illegal about it, I think that it should be allowed.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe public financing is okay for political campaigns. Politicians should raised campaign funds from the public, not receive monies directly from the government. Allowing the government to finance campaigns is allowing the government to pick the next potential candidate. It strips the importance of voting and make it impossible for the government to serve the people.

  • I do not think so.

    I think campaigns should be financed through taxation that is then pooled and divided up evenly among candidates who have the potential to run. This makes for an even playing field and gives people without wealth a platform from which to launch their campaign. We've missed out on a lot of brilliant minds.

  • Public financing of political campaigns is wrong

    Public financing of political campaigns is wrong. It invites corruption into the political system, as corporate entities and wealthy individuals could finance a candidate as long as they agree with their terms. Politicians should not be allowed to accept money of any kind from anyone. How can anyone trust a politician if he accepts large sums of money in exchange for him backing certain views?

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