Is Public opinion on Socialism/Communism or similar ideologies Growing?

Asked by: Theunkown
  • Yes and it's wrong, but not in an anti-communist way

    52% of millennials have a positive view of the word socialism. Though what they perceive to be socialism is wrong. What many of them describe is social democracy, and thus they aren't socialist. But there is definitely a massive, positive move to the left out of the SJW and liberal quagmire of modern politics

  • In the west and economically world wide yes through out the world politically no.

    Through out the world various authoritarian governments fell in the Arab spring, in south America Socialist Brazil and various fascist groups and governments are withering without the support they were given in the cold war by the US. Through out Europe and NA ultra nationalism going on fascism is growing and communism a bit but more commonly Socialism than communism. World wide people have become more aware of politics, many are becoming better at spotting bias and propaganda through out media and they are frustrated after the economic collapse. As a result they are turning to alternative ideologies in the hopes of finding something that works better.

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