• Government Inevitably teaches that government is good

    What if McDonald's was in charge of the entire education system. Do you think they would teach in a way biased towards McDonald's or Burger King? There's no difference with government. The very act of arguing against this question shows that the government has taught you to trust them. Public education will inevitably teach that we need the government. Also, the lack of competition gives us the expensive and terrible quality schools we have today. Hitler had a Nazi Youth program, do you think that's a form of indoctrination?

  • Of course they do... But isn't it natural?

    The word indoctrinate has developed a negative connotation since its meaning has come to involve teaching something as an absolute truth and not allowing for critical discussion whereas in the past it simply meant to teach. What's the difference between teaching and indoctrinating in a public school where there are inarguable facts? Nothing. What about the difference in morals, politics, ideology, religion, etc? Everything. The idea that young members of a culture learn from the older, wiser members about traditions and value is longstanding because cultures seek to propagate themselves and their beliefs are part of the core that composes them. So wouldn't we obviously instill our values in our young people? Yes, of course we would. Even if it came to be known that they were wrong, we would still probably cling to our core beliefs. Now, when a child is conditioned to think and believe in a certain way we tend to think it is bad because there is no chance that they can escape that conditioning. Yet, I believe there is. If the values taught are wrong or do not work for us, those values change. Values change with time, experience and exposure. People that are willing and able to change for the better will find a way. Those people who blindly follow their shepherd will do so anyway. Public school is necessary for our modern world and should be recognized as such.

  • No, it is not.

    Public schools are like any other school they encourage us to further our own education and believe how we want. They teach the students freedom of expression and to think in new and amazing ways we may not have thought of. Public schools are just as good as any other school.

  • Public Schools Are Necessary to Democracy

    Public schools do not indoctrinate. They educate, and they form an essential purpose in promoting literacy and gaining the skills one needs to become a responsible citizen. These schools need more funding. The current craze for charter and private religious schools are doing a lot of kids a profound disservice.

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What I put there was a picture of Denmark's empire