• An easy yes.

    Teachers go to school to learn how best to educate. Parents have no such training. Teachers are professionals who went into the profession for the purpose of teaching children. Parents have done no such thing and may not be qualified to educate any child. Abandoning public education because you want to teach your child the Earth is 6000 years old is irresponsible.

  • Homeschooling is very flexible

    Although I am a public school person, I share the belief that homeschool is better. First, there is no need for timetables. You set your own, and you have way more free time because there is not "homework". Second, you can learn whatever you want. In public school we have to go through 4 years of grueling and boring English. In homeschool, there is no requirement. Last, homeschool means you teach yourself (or parents teach you) in the style that you choose. There's no possibility for dumb teachers who give you tests but don't teach the material.

  • Yes It Is

    Public school is better than homeschooling because, at public school the kids have the oppertunity to meet great people. But if the go to homeschooling then they won't be able t meet new people and they would be with the same people everyday. Plus just to be a little bit more into it the teachers at public schools know how to grade papers and all of that because they went to school for ALL of that.

  • Public schools are more relevant to future life.

    Children grow up and have to get jobs and careers. Public schools teach children how to handle the schedules of work. Public schools require you to be at the school for a certain time, just like workplaces. That's going to be a rough period of adjustment when someone who's used to sleeping whenever and however long they want suddenly has to be up at 7:00 and at the office by 9:00 every morning.

    Public schools also teach students what it's like to be working for a full day. Suddenly having to do an eight hour work day will be rough for someone who's used to doing one or two hours of work before taking a break.

    Public schools also force you to be around many different people and personality types. I imagine that since homeschooling relies on clubs and voluntary activities for socialization, that means if you can't get along with someone, you just move to a different club/activity instead of learning how to tolerate people you don't like. Because once again, when you get into a workplace, you'll have to know how to work productively with people you can't stand. Quitting a job because you can't get along with a coworker is not a valid solution.

  • Public Schooling is a LITTLE better

    Even though you have more freedom in homeschooling, public school gives students different learning. I would enjoy to be homeschooled for maybe a year or two but after that, I would want to go back to public school. In public school, you can meet so many kinds of people and gets you more comfortable in places other than home. Also, in public schooling, students develop better organizational skills and being responsible. That's just a small version of what I want to say but I just wanted to put a side out there.

  • It totally is.

    I've been homeschooled. It taught me a lot of things that helped me get by in public school. However, It was boring. There was nobody to talk to or hang out with. Eventually, I just got lazy with my work and played video games most of the time because nobody stopped me. Public school is where I learned to interact with people. Sure, There's been some stupid drama, But that's part of life and it's good that I went through that because now I know how to deal with it.

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  • They are socialized

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  • It is better

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  • Statistics support homeschooling.

    There are many arguments and points in favor of one side over the other; there are so many "in-theory" arguments and factors that the best, most objective means of settling this issue is through statistics. What statistics reveal is that homeschooling is academically, socially, and emotionally superior to the public school system.

  • I think yes

    Public school is better than homeschooling because you can make new friends that are your age or close to your age. You can also hang around with friends at school. If you were at homeschooling then you would be bored because there would be nobody to talk to instead of your mom or somebody that teaches you in homeschooling.

  • Homeschooling gives you more freedom.

    I, personally, am a pro-homeschooler as I homeschool myself. I find that it gives me much more freedom to move around, academically and physically, than public school would. In public schools, you have a set schedule every day with the basics (ex: math, science, writing, etc.) and after the day is over, you get hours of homework. In homeschooling, you usually only take one type of class per week and minimal amounts of homework that has to be done out of school. I usually get less than an hour per day.

    Also, with homeschooling, you get to advance faster than many of your public school counterparts. I'm in 9th grade and I'm doing Calculus, while my friends in public school are only in Algebra. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that public school students are dumb or stupid, they're just bolted down by the system. If you're homeschooling, you also don't have 6:45 alarm clocks set. You get more sleep which I know is very important to teenagers. My earliest day in the entire week is 8:30 in the morning.

    Another key aspect that I know possible homeschoolers are concerned about is the social aspect. There are really two different types of homeschooling: You can take all of your classes online, which I admit, you do not get much of a social life with that, but there is also what we call networking where you go places with other kids and learn like you're in a public school class. I've taken classes at Yale University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and they were very enlightening. If you do choose to switch to homeschooling, don't worry about not having friends!

  • Homeschooling Encourages Learning

    I've been to public school and been homeschooled. Homeschooling taught me to be independent, creative, individualistic and gave me the desire to learn. I grew up with many friends because I was involved in the community. Public School is full of dependent, nonambitious students. A lot of teachers may go to school to get a degree, but they do not make me want to learn. Many of my teachers can not explain, relate or encourage their students to learn because they do not love what they do. I loved being homeschooled because I had the ability to go at my own pace and to be curious. As soon as I got into public school, I noticed more and more students seemed to care more about their popularity and their friends rather than the knowledge that they could possess if they applied themselves.

  • Homeschooling is better

    Homeschooling is way better. There is much more freedom in homeschooling. You are not locked up in the same room all day with the same people for 8+ hours.

    Some people say homeschoolers are socially inept because they don't get out of the house. But what about public schoolers? They are stuck in the same building, sure different class room but exact same building and they are with the same people all day long.

    Homeschooling is much better because you have more freedom than public schooling in everyway possible

  • Homeschooling is what is right for my family, it is what is better for us.

    It is a misconception that all homeschooler do is sit at home and are never around any other humans. We are rarely ever home. I work 4 days a week and she attends a wonderful daycare. Fridays, we alternate library day and co-op day/field trip day. Saturdays, we usually do park day and/or sometimes library day if we did not do it on Friday. By Sunday I need a break so we work in workbooks and on the computer games that she loves. Kids learn by play. My daughter is currently learning to read on her own with her computer games, she is 3. She seeks out kids older than her as they are more at her level of intelligence. She can carry a conversation with an adult, an older child, a child her age, and she loves to play with babies.

  • I am not against any types of schooling

    I do not think it is fair to point out which is better than the other. As long as the students that are being home schooled are being taught facts I don't see anything wrong with it. Home schooled students have the advantage of not having to deal with bullying they can be more focused on their success.

  • Home school is quality education. Home-school'ers unite!

    Public school'ers definitely have the majority vote. There are more of you, which means, your success stories must be over the charts. But once again democracy has sacrificed quantity, for quality. Your poor teachers are over worked, understaffed, underpaid, with class room filled with students who don't care to learn, are just there for the social experience. You, yourselves confirm this. How many kids are forgotten in the cracks? There is nothing there for me to envy. One myth I would like to debunk: being schooled at home doesn't mean you are home all the time.

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21MolonLabe says2014-12-15T19:14:21.163
In some aspects it is better, but not all. I have been homeschooled and enrolled in public school.
Being in public school allows students to be more social as students are with their peers for seven or eight hours for five days every week.
On the other hand, you can advance faster in academics if you are homeschool, for instance, I was taking Algebra 2, usually a class for Juniors in high school, in 7th grade. Each type of schooling has its pros and cons.
Benjamin_Manus says2014-12-15T19:16:32.313