• Everything is better!

    Public school in itself, Just has way more to offer than private school. There are more fun clubs and activities that you can join, As well as other stuff like cafeterias and sporting grounds. The class sizes are also a lot bigger, Meaning that you can make more friends in your class, Especially if you're someone in elementary school. I think that private school sucks in my opinion because it just isn't the right way to go, And I think that going to public school will give you more opportunities to have fun while at school!

  • Public School Is Better

    Yes Private schools give you options and chances into better places but I find public school for there is more people to met there. You might even met someone from old school you use to know ect. I seen private schools from people views and to be honest when I seen there school there was only 5 people there going and it was empty for the most. I enjoy the fact that I can meet more people at public school then at some private one

  • Private school is for smart people and public school is for distracted children.

    School is for learning and private schools do just that. Public schools have devolved into daycares and after school activities but it is not their fault. Ever since more kids who keep failing basic subjects are being forced to graduate by inflating their scores the more likely the level of that school downgrades to daycare levels.

  • Private School is Better!

    You may believe that public schools are better, As it has 'way' more to offer. However, If you look at some private schools' websites, You will see the extensive opportunities provided, Some private schools even having over 20 different sports to choose from! Aside from sports, There would, Of course, Be plenty of clubs to join if you want to, And perhaps even create your club. Music is also an important aspect. There would be lots of bands and orchestras and such when it comes to private schools. Lots of elementary schools have probably 5 or less. Private schools are also disconnected from the government, Meaning that they would have a different curriculum and different rules. This could help the private schools look at the students and think about how they could discipline and make the rules more flexible to help them. They'd also have better teachers, As their teacher interviews would be made entirely by them, Leaving them to think about how they can get the best teachers. So basically, A private school is better as doesn't have to follow the public school curriculums, They have much more opportunities than public schools, And they are more flexible because the government does not have to run them.

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Anonymous says2020-05-24T19:25:38.760
It depends on what you MEAN by better. Public schools are open and accept lots of kids. Poor kids can get into private schools on scholarships, But they have to be really good, And are often held up to a higher standard that richer ones. Private schools also have better education.

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