Is public school education better than private school education?

  • Public School is better

    Public schools are better than private schools because in a private school kids do not take the Leap or iLeap. So, Soon as they change to a public high school they have to be ready to take the test to get in. Also you can't get scholarships from a private school.

  • Public school is the best

    It saves money
    Teachers are state certified
    They have larger classes
    They have special education problems
    Public school have a set of standard to hold on to
    It is not restricted to any religion
    Students can meet other students with various backgrounds and beliefs
    Millions of brilliant minds would be lost due to poverty.

  • I agree that Public is better than Private.

    Education in Public is far more experienced than Private.There are various school activities that public school currently practicing. Public school more on experienced and has lesser cost. Students from the Public schools may developed their social Involvement because they are more open to try things. In private there are limitations, boundaries that will minimize the student's skills and capabilities.

  • I Believe it Is

    Children who are in public schools and private schools take a test called NAPLAN. Research is that kids in public schools did better than those in private schools. Proving that the teachers in public schools are providing a better education than those in private schools. Plus private schools cost a lot more than public schools.

  • Not very likely

    The reason private schools tend to have a better education is that the teachers work for a much lower salary then the teachers at Public schools. There for the teachers at private schools seem to care more about the education of the students then the money they will be making. There may not always be as many classes because they have less funding from the government, but since the students pay to go there the education must be better other wise it would make no sense for them to spend a lot of money on a worse education. Also I have never heard of the NAPLAN test in my entire life, so I do not believe that it is widely used by many schools. Therefor it can't be used to make assumptions about the education system.

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