Is public schooling better than private schooling?

  • Yes, public schools are better than private schools

    Kids will be kids. They don't care about education at that age. All they care about is having fun and being a kid. Sending them to private school is like telling them they cant have fun, and they should only care about school. I understand school is important, but their childhood is much more important if they are young. They have the rest of their life to decide if they want an education. Why are parents forcing their kids to an education they probably don't want? It doesn't matter if the classes are small, if the kid is smart and enjoys learning he or she will learn no matter where they are. Let kids explore. From what i've read on other forums and debates private schools protect them from real life problems. Public schools allow kids to explore. School is an adventure that can be fun and enjoyable or boring and useless. Once the kid graduates then he or she will choose if he wants a higher education. Don't force kids into attending college. They will end up with a career they hate and will blame their parents for being so strict.

  • I don’t know that fancy pools and excursions make for a better education.

    THE thing about good schools is that it's very difficult to determine whether it's the schools that are good or just the people who attend them. Or perhaps the schools are good because of the people who attend them. Better education, more Judgement. So that's why public is ok too

  • Private schooling is awesome!:)

    Private schools are great! Some can be strict or laid back. Mine was more laidback. As long as you have friends at Private school, You are fine. Sadly; I Must go to a public school next year. My Private school is shutting down sadly but surely. There not enough people attending.

  • Private School Educates; Public School Is All About Agendas

    Public schools in today's society do not aim to educate their students. Rather, they are about promoting their own agendas and striving for political correctness; this results in public school students receiving an education shrouded in bias and containing only one point of view. As a result, voices are silenced and differing opinions are stuck down, preventing others from learning other viewpoints. As a result, students will be unable to see pivotal issues from all sides and will only be capable of arguing one viewpoint.

    In addition, the introduction of Common Core will only continue this notion by forcing students to work with a learning model that may not work for them. This, combined with large class sizes, prevents students from receiving the help and instruction they need from their teachers. Because of this, teachers will be unable to reach all their students and won't know how to best help them.

    Private schooling is better in the long run due to smaller class sizes and by defeault, teachers being more involved with their students. Private schooling is more beneficial because the education is catered to the students and allows them to learn at a pace and method that is best for them. Individuality is valued more in private schools and the students will come out as better thinkers and learners because their education will not be biased.

  • Better education, more Judgement

    Public school are great, for the most part, but as far as education is concerned, private schools tend to do more in shaping young minds. I hear kids complain of their private schooling, but for reasons other than the education system. I think that kids in public schools are more likely to get along than kids in private school because the money that the kids' families make is less obvious.

  • Public schooling is not better than private schooling.

    Private schools are better than public schools because they are richer. Private schools can hire better teachers, have smaller classes, and supply better resources than public schools. It has been shown that graduates of private schools normally go to better universities and have more successful careers than people who went to public schools.

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