• The Result is Anarchy,

    Punishment is a method of revealing the flaws in ourselves that are able to be rectified. Rewards are ways to push people to keep doing what they're doing. Without this, people would have no sense of discipline, patience, and even morality. It's bad enough that we have the violence and crime and whatever in this world as is. Without this concept of punishment and reward, the next thing that would be taught is anarchy.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe punishment and reward is a needed system. I believe human being thrive on punishments and rewards. The world certainly doesn't do enough to reward people and that is something we certainly need to change. If the two things are not balanced, then they won't work properly and you can't expect benefits from a broken system.

  • We are all humans.

    Yes, punishment and reward is a needed system, because we are all just people. We are easily motivated by things that we want. We also avoid things if we think that it will bring about something that we won't want. We need this system to make sure that people obey laws and do not cheat each other.

  • Think critically about reward and punishment

    What would you consider reward and punishment? What might various people in various circumstances consider reward and punishment? Why? Could you change it? What if you deliberately started thinking in a manner consistent with considering some of the things you now consider reward as punishment and punishment as reward or either one as just being neutral or neutral things as being rewards or punishments? What if you did that and kept at it would new things be rewards and punishments to you? What if you practiced at being able to change what you like and dislike?

  • No, only a reward system is needed.

    I do not agree that a punishment and reward system is needed. I think that a system that only recognizes rewards and positive reinforcement is better than one that acknowledges punishment and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is better a better system because it gives praise for things the learner does correct, and I think that fosters a better environment.

  • No, I don't think it's a needed system.

    I do not think that punishment and reward is a needed system at all. I do not think that somebody should be rewarded for anything when it comes to an official system regarding the law for example. I do think that punishment should remain a part of the legal system.

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