• It depends on the size or nature of their fault and the nature of the student!

    Let's take an example of a country. A criminal breaks the rules & regulations, & disobey the laws, then obviously he would be given punishment. If we liberate the criminals it would end up being malignant & the criminals would become completely malevolent.
    Similarly student should be given punishment if they break/disobey their teachers' or their school's rules. If not given proper punishment they would continue disobeying the rules, disrespecting the teachers & it would he hazardous for the teachers.
    But as we see many a times some criminal doing very minor crime is given major penance & may be kicked behind the bars.
    In the same manner It is wrong if it happens in the class that the student doing minor fault, disobey or mistake is given the same punishment as the student doing quite robust fault.
    So at the end, punishment should be given but considering the nature of the student & the size & nature of their disobey.
    Harsh Vardhan Agrawal

  • It is really essential to shape their future

    If you be too lenient to disobedient people' they would pay no heed to your instructions and continue breaking rules. If punished, they fear and start being disciplined which can really make their future brighter and help them set their priorities and be self-sufficient and responsible to take on challenges.

  • Punishment as a lesson.

    The main objective of a punishment is to give them a lesson and also for them to know their limits and boundaries. Without punishment, people tend to act freely without considering the rights and wrong. With punishment, people will know their place. This also can increase their awareness about how strict a thing could be. -ErniA.

  • Only possible way

    In the end you can only expect people to follow the law if they are punished when they do not. Telling someone you love them or trying to explain to them how their actions hurt others will not work. Society is able to function because people believe that it is the best way to gain good. If they were not punished for misdeeds then they would plunder.

    You could say being assertive is best, but I feel that leans toward punishment.

  • It should be necessary but not all the time.

    Not all children commit same mistakes every time. As a head or principal of that institution you should weigh every case of the students and what's the appropriate punishment for that matter. You shouldn't be harsh to your students you might scare them and a result they might disrespect you.

  • Yes,the punishment is necessary.

    We have to give the punishments upon their mistakes.We should make it as a law.Otherwise the crime will be increases and also we have to give the punishment for the person who did the mistakes.The laws are followed by us means the middle class,poor people are very happy.The women also bravely do their works.

  • Don't do the crime if you can't pay the time

    We live in a society of rules and laws that must be obeyed. If one chooses to break the law should loose liberties. By taking away the liberties of another, that individual should have to compensate for that lose. If there aren't consequences, individuals would be less inclined to follow the law.

  • It's not really important

    Punishment helps to maintain discipline by restricting them to not do something and it is for sufferer but sometimes it has a different effect because a person couldn't do anything about this he starts feeling depressed and feared as well as he becomes angry and due to satisfy his anger he fights with another one and starts abusing and will lead to the destruction of their future. Not all person suffers from this but most of people suffer form this

  • No it is not necessary

    Every body thinks punishment will lead to discipline but its not necessary . Sometimes the students get hurt and form a negative opinion about teachers. Instead we should encourage the students. When the children are punished they do not know their mistake and repeat it again. Hence it is not necessary to give punishment to maintain discipline

  • Dear of punishment is not the only way to maintain Discipline...

    Being a student I can understand very well that how a student feels when he or she is punished...It's insulting but it seems to be insulting in the case only if a student is right..He has not done any blunder.May be its a misunderstanding.One can be treated without scolding..May be he or she understands and it wont be repeated by them.. According to me chance should be given to everyone...That's all is my opinion...

  • No it is not inportant

    I think it is not necessary to punish in order to make discipline. As a student i also known how we feelvwhen a teacher punishes.Children start hiding inportant things from their parents which is not good thing ever all.So i am unfavour of this topic and it is not good

  • Fear of punishment enforces discipline is an outdated concept in modern society.

    Discipline is much more than obeying specific norms of the institution or society. Discipline enforced by fear is transitory and present only till there is a threat of punishment. While discipline without fear of punishment is permanent and harmonious. Enforcing discipline by fear leads to untruthfulness, lies, greater vices and corruption. Self discipline is more effective and long lasting.

  • No it is not necessary

    I think it is not necessary to punish in order to maintain discipline. As a child i also know how we feel when a teacher punishes you saying that be disciplined. Sometime you can just warn the child that he or she is doing wrong or it shouldn't be like that but punishing the child is not a correct way to make he or she disciplined. So i really disagree that punishment is necessary to maintain discipline.

  • Punishment is fear

    Due to punishment children that violence is the best solution for everything. They even start to deceive their parents. Children starts hiding important things from their parents which not at all good. Parents mostly throw up their anger upon kids because they are angry on something else which also leaves frustration

  • Its wrong to hurt someone

    I believe that a person should be able to speak their mind instead of checking their backbone at the door.Nobody likes being told off but sometimes I feel it's necessary regardless of whether the person is an acquaintance,a friend,a sibling or even an authority figure.I also believe that once you're an adult it's okay to stand up to people who call themselves your elders.

  • Harsh punishments are not only physically abusive but also highly disintegrate for the mind...

    When children are punished for what they do they don't realize their mistake and will hence forth repeat it again and again. In such a case punishment will only be taken as a act of hatred of their teachers against their believes if they are strong headed people. But if they are weak, they'll think they have no morals and are useless and will never be able to stand up for himself or herself and will be very less confident. They instead of correcting their mistake and moving forward will start hating their punishers and do everything out of fear. In school life when you do something out of fear, your whole sole purpose of going to school for- LEARNING, remains unfilled. Instead of beating up the child- if they are made to understand their mistake in a accepted manner, the result will be much more fruitful.
    There are many cases where people have gone to the limit of leaving or running away from school and if they can't do that act as if they are ill and not go to school in the fear of punishments. Hence, I strongly believe punishments shouldn't be laid upon the back of any child because basically- We all learn from our mistakes, and that is how we actually grow up into a proper, responsible and actually mature adult.

  • It is not needed

    As everybody think punishment will lead discipline it does not because it hurts so many students deeply and make hatred in their hearts against their teachers .They also forget for what their punishment is as they do it as a regular practice and instead of punishing the teachers can encourage children with excusing them for some more time

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