• Commercialization is dead.

    I'm just a 14 year old but I was raised to be punk. The clash, siouxie Sioux and hüdhker du are dead and movies like repo man aren't being made anymore. The new punk isn't even punk it's "pop punk" and that's just music, punk rock is more than just music it's anarchy and going against society and a non uniform way of living. Those "pop punk" kids follow the rules and stay out of trouble. It's not even pop punk its just pop. If you look up punk on google images its just a bunch if scene kids with eyeliner sneered all over their face and leopard print hair.

  • Punk is as dead as Disco

    Depends on what you mean by "punk". Hardcore and the punk of the 80's and 90's is still around, although I consider that something different from punk rock. Punk Rock was rebellion against aging dinosaurs in the rock world in the 70's. What people now consider "punk" is trendy, uniformed kids who think they know politics and can only play one beat.

  • Yes It Is DEAD!

    the essence of punk rock has been lost, we had the pixies, black flag, anti-religion, Iggy Pop and many others compared to what they say is punk? greenday..... no just no. Punk was originally freedom as defined by kurt kobain, now its a loosely based genre. its lost its soul

  • Punk is close to dying

    It seems that every generation of "punk" bands turns more pop/ unpunk than their idols. If this theory is true, punk will definitely be buried/ cremated in 20 years. As of now, it is on its deathbed. It has become "cool" to be punk. In the 70's-80's, being punk got you beat up. Punk has turned from a passionate group of people that sacrifice for it, to a "trend" that can easily be bought at your local K-Mart, without really standing up for anything. Search "how to be punk" on Google. The once-driving choice of individuality has died away. Real life Example: green day fan stated on Instagram he/she was "too punk rock for you."

  • Punk Is Dead, But Not Gone

    Straight punk music is pretty much dead. There aren't that many bands putting out punk anymore, and it definitely isn't a continuing movement. Punk had its run, but it will live on in the countless influences of rock music. If you know your music, then you'll see the inspiration for modern artists, even ones with completely different styles.

  • Punk is dead...

    DO you remember these days when MTV meant MusicTV ? Well, it's gone. As is punk. I mean, look at the band that, for me, is the greatest punk-rock band ever, Green Day. You listen to Dookie, Nimrod, or even American Idiot, it's fucking intense ! Now listen to what they're doing now : This is just basic pop rock. If you take their last albums, Uno, Dos and Tré, on 40+ songs, there's only 7/8 good "punk" songs. And that's the same thing for all the former punk band that existed. So yes, Punk is dead.

  • 1990 was the cut off point.

    Anything masquerading as punk these days is mostly hardcore or metal, real punk was an ethos as opposed to a genre of music and that ethos died a long time ago. There's still a few dinosaurs still in their death throes but there's nothing new being brought to the scene. So yeah, punk is dead. Long live hardcore.

  • Punk is now fashion

    Nowadays people believe punk is a way of fashion. It is not. It is a way of life to have freedom. Punk was positive, until the skinheads tarnished the image. It is to believe in what you want. A terrible example is of Miley Cyrus who had ruined us punks ultimately.

  • D-Cups and other boring OC bands

    Bunch of old drunks , EVOLVE please.
    Punk is the stagnant pond that festers with dead algae. What else can they do that hasn't been done before? It is very musty and boring, Top 40 is boring too. Hipsters all sound whiny and the same. But punk died after 1983. There is no punk but a bunch of narcissists trying to sound relevant. Sex Pistols was a novelty band put together like Menudo. The New York Dolls was more punk even though they were glam, because they were shocking for their time. Johnny Cash was punk. Chances are if you label yourself punk than youre NOT punk. Live life, go on an Indian reservation, help junkies on skid row, do something other than hang out at Hot Topic, and when you experience the gore of reality, then write your music. When we have that than maybe the real punk will resurrect .

  • Punk has lost it's social currency

    Punk is anachronistic and has been utterly absorbed into current social trends. I havent seen anything close to generating the kind of interest that bands like the Dead Kennedys or Crass did back in the early to mid eighties.
    All genres of music go through an initial breakthrough into public consciousness, some of which are exciting and add dimension to music. This cant last forever and punk is no exception. Punk bands may still labour on today with all good intentions, but it has a feel of staleness about it, clinging to a musical form is when you know its over.
    Why not try to create new forms of music? People have forgotten how to even approach this.

  • Songs Are Still Being Released/Played on the Radio

    There are still modern punk-rock bands, Panic! At the Disco (2004-present), Fall Out Boy (2001-2009, 2013-present), My Chemical Romance (2001-2013), The All-American Rejects (1999-present) etc. etc. See how many times the word "present" appears? Not to mention, there are plenty of people out there still raving over those bands. So, in conclusion, punk rock IS NOT dead!!!

  • Johnny Rotten is not dead! Therefore punk is alive!

    I know this argument may seem biased, but I believe that John Lydon (Sex Pistols front-man) is a major figurehead of punk rock. In the 1970's when punk rock was a huge phenomenon the Sex Pistols, and the Ramones (and many other bands) effectively captured the pure anarchistic and bizarre essence of it. Punk rock was a genre which I believe Lydon hugely contributed to with his well-known and iconic rebellious attitude and lack of conformity. I realise that the Sex Pistols have long disbanded, and that punk rock is not the same nowadays, (e.g. Green Day) but John Lydon is still alive isn't he?

  • NO! Punk will never die!

    Punk(Music) will never die, it might be pussified or watered down with emotions and scene bands of our generation, but with the last generation they had REAL punk, it will never die,just devolve. As long as there is government, there is someone who doesn't agree with it, then there is rebellion...Then Punk.REAL punk, not the music, or the fashion, but the state of mind, the attitude! As long as there is someone who is thinking "fuck you!" to the government, there is punk, as long as someone is there to oppose the system there is punk, if you think punk is dead there will be someone to disagree with you and say "no, it isnt, piss off!" THEY are punk, even if they don't listen to punk music, they could be the biggest back street hick ever but if they fight the system they are punk! Everyone is punk in their own way, PUNK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!! If anyone disagrees, you just proved me right by going against the 62% who disagree, we are a system, therefore making you the opposing force against the system, making you punk.* mic drop*

  • Maybe You Don't Get It

    Maybe punk isn't dead, maybe the problem is the old punks to get the way young punks do punk. Look up FIDLAR and then try to tell me punk is dead. It's different now, duh, but only because the world we live in is different. Kids today will never be as punk as the old punks just because old punks are kinda against change.

  • My 9 year old still likes it

    She also likes Taylor Swift and Ella Henderson. But just now as she sang Oh Bondage Up Yours in her stripey jumper and DM boots punk was very much alive in my living room. Punk is paradox and contradiction. Punk's not dead if we're still talking about it. Punk in!

  • Punks not dead, nor will it be for a long ,long time.

    Most people assume that punk is dead since it is hard to find punks or punk music, but it always has been. Punk isn't just fashion for one thing, and also the amount of fashion it does have isn't it's focus, because when it is it becomes some type of Hot Topic nightmare, so that it isn't easy to spot punks by fashion all the time. Plus punk rock wasn't played on the radio since it isn't enjoyed by the mainstream when it started since it isn't pop, and just since it's not pop doesn't mean it's not popular and enjoyed by some communities. Finally it's influence in so many genres won't die and as long as this debate is going punk will not die.

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  • Hell no, never!!!

    Its not mainstream ok and Its just not popular right now. End of story. Plus you can still find VERY punk bands they just arent gonna be on the radio anything. Punk will never die. People die, punk doesnt. PUNK WILL NEVER DIE, IT WILL ALWAYS BE HERE YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS

  • Cmon punk is not dead

    The scene is still there. If it wasn't why are people saying they are punk? Why are there punk bands? I think that because the first punk bands are not continuing their work doesnt mean the scene is dead. Its just not as popular as the 1960s and 70s. It is still there but dont stereotype punks!

  • The Orwells. Duh.

    For a long time I thought punk was dead. All the great old punks are either dead (Joe Strummer) or washed up (Johnny Rotten). But then I discovered the Orwells. These guys have the music and the attitude. They're not pandering to an audience, they're playing what they wanna, plain and simple.

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