• Right or wrong - Putin has recently demonstrated more resolve and fortitude.

    Putin has stood up to the West and has successfully pushed his agenda. Russia's governmental branches have backed and supported Putin every step of the way on recent issues like Ukraine.

    Despite being pushed out of the G-7 - Putin and Russia continue to move forward, defying the West, annexing parts of a sovereign country. Obama and NATO have done nothing to stop Putin.

    On these facts alone it can be concluded Putin has been more successful achieving his political and ideological objective - where Obama and the West have not.

  • No, he is a fool

    Obama does things democratically which makes him a stronger leader. Putin has shown that he is s strong leader although his ways of doing it are nothing democratic. He is a tyrant that hopefully will get kicked out sooner rather than later. I am not sure their is another leader like Putin around at the moment, and that is a good thing.

  • No doubt in my mind

    Irrespective of whether his decisions are 'right' or 'wrong', Putin is the most powerful man in the world, and for a good reason. Under his leadership, Russia has drastically improved. He has spent his entire presidency removing oligarchs from government affairs, made Russia back into a superpower, cleaned up Yeltsen's messes, and protected Russia's people and interests well.

    Furthermore, through adversity and international backlash, Putin has stood for Russians in Crimea and been an unwavering leader even with the threat of US intervention hanging over his head. When Putin says he will do something, he does it. Obama threatens and chides, yet does not adequately fulfill his promises. The rest of the world so respects and fears this man that they dare not to interfere with his actions, and he laughs off the 'sanctions' that they throw at him and threaten him with.

    Putin does not threaten, he warns. He does not promise, he acts. And this makes him a far stronger leader than Obama.

  • Effective at achieving his goals.

    Like others have said, it's important to 'ignore' whether we think he is right or wrong. That is always from a personal, biased standpoint. One of his goals is to protect the Russian-speaking citizens of Crimea. To that end, he is a stronger leader by doing what is necessary to protect the interest of his vision of a great Russian empire. To us it appears that he has isolated his country, to him- he is acting to protect Russia's own vital security interests.

  • Putin is a genius

    He knows that nobody has the power or the will to stop his action on Ukraine and he took the initiative. Now nobody can stop his actions. He has a hold on Europe with his oil and the US alone cannot stop him. If Obama had this strong of a will or took initiative when he had the chance, there would be no such thing as the Benghazi scandal.

  • A gambler, an egomaniac . . . He's playing with all of our lives.

    President Putin is a gambler, an egomaniac playing with all of our lives, just so that he can prove he's machissimo. His invasion of Crimea was a desperate bid to be relevant in the world . . . And I think history is going to show that, particularly after the current round of sanctions bite down on his government. Hopefully being kicked out of the G8 and being spanked with sanctions will give him second thoughts about playing more games with all of our lives! He is a very dangerous man that needs to grow up . . . Hopefully this pain knocks some sense into him.

  • He has invaded another persons country

    Someone who invades another country without being provoked is weak rather than strong because instead of trying to improve the economy and help improve GDP and living conditions, he invades another country to gain peoples support. That makes him weak because it shows he is willing to gamble the economy of Russia on taking over Crimea. And because of the sanctions imposed by the us and the Eu, this may make him less popular instead of more popular.

  • Obama is weak, but Putin is wrong.

    Regardless of the abstract concepts of "right" and "wrong" Putin has crossed a line simply because it was there. That is not the sign of a strong leader, but an irresponsible loose cannon. The strongest leaders from history knew where the line was and to not cross it. For example, Rome was the premier military power of its time but they still didn't cross Hadrians wall.

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