• Imagine if the CIA, KGB, or SS ran the USA

    That's Putin. He orchestrates coups in order to put governments in place that are friendly to Russian interests. He uses disinformation to influence foreign elections. (Like the CIA did...Except he orchestrates it from the highest office in the country.) He has his domestic critics disappeared. He has his foreign critics assassinated. (This is KGB style behavior...Which only makes sense given Putin's old job.) And, despite ruling a nation where communism is looked back on with nostalgia and Nazism is looked upon with utter contempt, he has managed to create a right-wing, quasi-fascist dictatorship (including the culling of homosexuals, as was done by the SS). So, yeah, evil.

    Why is he like this? Well, he was actually in the KGB. So, this shady behavior is not unexpected when you ask someone from the world of spies and secret police to run a country.

  • 100% fucking Evil

    Putin has not only murdered for his own gain but not cared less when he has, he meddled with his not just his election but Tumps. He supports the Syrian civil war and provides weapons, troops and intelligence. Putin has no regard for human rights; lack of rights towards LGBT community, protesters, journalists and politicians have been imprisioned and even killed for not agreeing with him. Putin claims to own a democracy but really he just runs a country full of people too afraid to disobey/disagree with him. That to me sounds more like a dictatorship.

  • Yes he is and shouldn´t be underestimated.

    For me the shooting down of MH17 in 2014 and his reaction to it has shown me that he is a madman. He did not condemn the actions of pro-russian separatists in the Ukraine and even denied any involvement although it was completely clear from the very beginning that it was a Russian missile that was fired. Also his oppression of the opposition in Russia and the banning of his main political rival in the last general election made it obvious that he has gone mad.

  • Utterly Corrupt - Narcissistic - Deluded

    Steals bits of other countries that disagree with him.
    Murders people in other countries.
    Steals billions from his own country.
    Fecks up his own countries reputation when he believes it makes him look like a tough man, rather than the old fart he really is.
    Murders people in his own country.

  • KGB yes Narcissist yes Unchecked yes

    All the above plus his actions
    murdering opposition
    murdering innocents abroad as long as it raises his home profile and gives an indication that Russia is not a three bit state
    assassinating people in the UK because he doesn't like them or they have been against them
    stealing vast sums from his own country
    fellating goats

  • Obviously a baddie

    If you don't think he's evil either you are evil too and don't know it, you don't know much about him or you're gullible enough not to believe the bad reports about him. He's an all round crook. He steals and murders to retain power purely for himself and his addiction to power. He also fears prosecution if not president any more. He's a small time gangster given power by the drunken idiot Yeltsin who also gave the nations oil to the oligarchs. It's a tragedy for the whole world.

  • Of couse he is

    He supported authoritarian regimes like Syria in order to cement his power and increase Russia's international leverage.He orchestrated assassinations which killed his political rivals.Under his rule,Russia was transformed into a country that does not respect human rights and cherish democracy and freedom.All these reasons suggest that Putin is an evil person and is simply a dictator.

  • Of Course Putin is evil!!

    Vladimir Putin and his zealots are responsible for every problem in the world such as Election Meddling from 2 years ago, supporting Far Right nationalists, they're bringing crime, they're disrespecting the Japanese and Korean cultures, they want People to join them, they want to kill people who don't agree with them and they want to Join the world. Putin and his Idiotic Zealots disgust me!!! Japan and South Korea need to Cooperate to ban Vladimir Putin and his Zealots from entering them, illegalise Putinism, Arrest the Putin Zealots, round them up and Deport them to Russia.

  • Putin is humanity's worst.

    He came to power after he orchestrated via the FSB, the 1999 Moscow Buildings Bombing. Which killed so many people. He has removed freedom of speech. He ordered the killings of journalists and human rights activists like Anna Politkovskaya, Nikolay Griego, politicians like Boris Nemtsov, and many more. He has murdered thousands of people (mostly children) in Syria. The Russian economy has deteriorated. He has committed horrendous acts of horror via his Chechen zombie idiot , e.g. mass genocide of homosexuals in Chechnya. He supports both Assad and ISIS.

    In short, Vladimir Putin is an immoral monster. The world will be a happier and better place without Putin

  • If Putin is NOT Evil, please go visit Russia and then make your opinion!

    If you don't think the government is corrupt then I suggest you visit and you will see the Government lives with gold dripping from their walls and everyone else is starving! Follow his tracks from his time as KGB agent, wake up and STOP thinking this is made up! You have not done your history homework if you think he is a good man or NOT EVIL! WAKE UP!

  • Less evil than uk usa

    Compared to neoimperialists, putin is pure good. Hillary destroyed innocent nations like syria, lybia, yugoslavia, haiti. Putin is a peacemaker. He is a check on unchecked nato usa power that is pure evil. He protects small nations from usa dictate. He stands for freedom for all these nations neoimperialists like clinton bush obama invade.

  • Putin is most certainly not evil

    He only wire tapped 20 American officals. This is a small number of wire taps, compared to some of the many, soviet spies, in the United States of America, during the cold war. If he, say wire tapped 21 officals, that would change my mind.

    Thanks, Dmitry Medvedev (VP of The Russian Federation)

  • He has got his way of leading his country

    Putin has done a lot for his country it may be that he has to make bad decisions to save his own country from being in a mess.There are lots of things he has done badly but in all honesty they are only small things that wouldn't affect the people in his country.People have been told bad things about this man but really have you been told about the good things about him.Sometimes in life you have make sacrifices to make society better,it doesn't make you bad person.If you think about it you are not wrong but if you don't think about something then it's not worth trying in life. Overall Putin is a good person because he has thought about helping Russia, he has put his country first.

  • Putin is great

    Putin isn't a bad person. Just in the view of America is Putin a bad person. Most countries would be honored to have him as their president. America just hides the fact of how good Russia and their leaders truly are. In fact most American news just make Putin evil and bad on purpose.

  • Whatever. Have you heard of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?

    The truth. What is the truth? The real truth is something that you must really look for. Unfortunately, most people are lazy and are easily influenced. There are vicious liars and narcissists in the world, bent on twisting the truth and manipulating people. The Russian people are unbelievably lucky they have someone like Putin in control. However, Putin was not completely honest in the past, but I'm sure now he has the best interests of the Russian people. I think he makes the world a better place. Syria is a complex affair, I don't know the truth here. But there are people with influence and money manipulating the situation. Have to research more on it.

  • Only evil because we are told so.

    Baby killing reporter killing Syrian killing us election killer. Only stupid people believe anything that comes out of USA media or government. He saved Russia from post USSR assets raid lead but the US , opposed the US on war against IRAQ and stopped the slaughter of innocent Syrians by US paid terrorist army's. Another Lybia in the planning. And openly stated he's against the New World older stupid people in the west told to follow. Does fake media Propoganda register or do you take as percribed. Proof. .. Assad never once gassed his own people... Yet US tells us otherwise with no proof.

  • No he is not

    What the heck guys of course he isnt evil like why would you thin ksuch a thing k he is not evil he is not even evil he is nthe one and o nly putin that i think is the putin of the wolr d because he is putin lo.

  • No facts, just feelings and empty emotions about Putin

    The Crimea invasion with few casualties and lots of Russians in Crimea that actually wanted this whereas Ukraine was run by people best labelled as fascists. Compare this Crimea crime to the the unlawful killings of thousands by the U.S. in Iraq, killings of thousands in Afghanistan just to chop the head of Osama Bin Laden, drones killings in Pakistan, and if we go further back to Vietnam and Hiroshima, the killings of 1500 civilian Palestinians by Israel just during one single month as Obama started out as president. Has the world gone mad?

  • Strong and ambitious, but not evil

    He's an opportunist whose goal is to bring Russia back its former glory, literally every world leader ever wants their country to either go back to its former glory or, if they don't have such a period, lead it into its golden age. USSR was a powerhouse (albeit with an inefficient government/economy) and Putin simply wants to return Russia to the kind of dominance it had during his childhood.

  • This is hilarious.

    When western leaders call Putin 'evil', all it does is expose them for the Narcissist's they truly are. Western leaders probably know in their hearts that their foreign policy would be construed as 'evil' by any religious movement, and so they accuse Putin of being evil in order to deflect the truth that it's actually them that's evil. Clever eh? The tragic thing for humanity is that the sheeple gobble up this propaganda - thus making Goebbels proud from the grave. Think about it, only the evil would do something like support and fund organ eating savages in Syria, then refer to them as 'activists'.

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