• Yes he is

    Putin is making the right choice, the people of Crimea voted that they wanted to be a part of the Russian Federation, so they should be a part of the Russian Federation. The US is harboring outdated Cold War feelings by denouncing Russia, but that's just how the US operates: Arbitrarily dictating what is "terrorism" and "revolution" based on what will further their own agenda. What Crimea is doing to Ukraine is exactly what Ukrainians were doing it Euromaiden, just with the support of Russia.

  • Yes He Is

    I believe Putin is making the right decisions in the Ukraine. Russia uses the ports in Ukraine and Putin is protecting the interests of Russia by ensuring they are allowed to use these ports. Since Russia is a major power I feel like this is justifiable. The United States would do the same thing if they were threatened with losing California to Mexico.

  • Putin is making bad decisions in Ukraine.

    Vladimir Putin doesn't care about the people of Ukraine. For that matter, he doesn't really care about the people of Russia. He cares about one person: Vladimir Putin. Because of this, he will make decisions that feed his own hunger for power regarding Ukraine, with little to no considerationa bout what is right for the people there.

  • He is too aggressive

    Putin is being too aggressive with the Ukraine. The 21st century is not a land grabbing, violent geopolitical arena to be led by international bullies. He is risking the goodwill of Eurasia, and quickly losing international esteem. Especially on the heels of the olympics, he should not be ruining his image.

  • Putin Taking Short Term Gain At Expense of Long Term Prosperity

    Vladimir Putin's Russia asserting and invading Crimea and destabilizing Ukrainian self governance has already cost him the respect and trust accumulated from the recent Olympic games. The Ukrainian economy, as well as the Russian economy, is suffering as a result of this action that Vladimir Putin has taken and will only accelerate Ukraine's desire to more closely associate itself with the European Union. The chaos that Putin has unleashed will cost everyone in both the short and long term and will be forever considered a major blunder on Putin's legacy.

  • Putin is a monster.

    Vladimir Putin is a corrupt man, and a former agent of the Soviet era KGB. He should have never been allowed to run for any office, let alone that of President of Russia. He has no business being in the Ukraine. He's dangerous, and will invade more nations if he isn't stopped.

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