• Stay! Good Boy!

    Many famous pedophiles have done wonders for this world. Recently a primary school teacher was caught doing things to children and i have asked them what they thought of the teacher and they believe he was the greatest teacher they had.. If he put leashes on his children im sure they wouldnt mind.

  • It's terrorist material!

    Whatever happened to hand-holding is beyond me. Leashing a child is terrorist material! It could hurt or suffocate a child, and it is sure to tear. There is no need to dehumanize children. Only dogs need leashes. Not human beings. If you need to leash your child, you fail in parenthood.

  • Children are not dogs

    If you need to use a leash to control your child, you have failed as a parent. Children are not dogs that need to be put on a leash. If you are afraid of your child wandering off, you could hold their hand or pick them up, there is no reason to dehumanize a child by putting them on a leash.

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