Is putting women in combat a disastrous decision?

  • Women in SOF continued

    SOF often operates in small teams and develops a very strong brotherhood. Each shooter has to constantly earn his place with high expectations from his peers; many are unspoken but understood by all. If a female were to be placed in this unit, the bond would change, leaving trust barriers in the team. “What makes [cohesion] work [is]--who belongs, who doesn't, and why— [it] can't be either measured or described.”2 Men have always been able to develop that close bond between brothers in arms; with females and their physiological differences, it limits the depth that men can develop that relationship.
    SOF should never have to be the ones to compromise their methods for the sake of political correctness. It is not a sport where just a championship is at stake; this is the real world where the fate of a nation is risked by the actions of few. This job requires this country’s fittest, toughest individuals. In order to accommodate women in these select organizations, current standards must be lowered, breaking decades of perfection and tradition. The bond these men develop builds an essential trust between them that is the type that is foreign to women. Women have the right to equality, but it should not come at the cost of everyone else. Teams that possess the greatest strength and endurance, the highest standards, and streamlined teamwork are the only ones capable of executing the nation’s highest missions.

  • Women in SOF

    Marine Special Operation Command (MARSOC), currently the newest component to SOCOM, takes in the Marines finest and creates an environment that fosters building on these mens’ thirst to become faster, stronger, and more knowledgeable. Traditionally this has been an all male role; however, recently the push to change tradition and allow women into Special Operations has increased. There are those that want equality across the board; but some traditions have continued out of necessity and not just for the sentiment. There are many reasons why women have no place in SOF, most of which is their physical ability, how standards will be lowered to accommodate them, and the disruption of unit cohesion.
    Competing for that spot in MARSOC or another SOF component, strength and physical endurance are one of the first concerns for any military member, regardless of gender. There are females athletes that do perform very well at a national level. The military, on the other hand, is an athletic environment that does not allow for that ideal athlete’s life style. If women were physically equal then all sports would not have gender restrictions. Politically correct forces do not have the ability to go toe to toe against foreign militaries, especially those whose standards would never be lowered for the sake of equality. Gender related exceptions are not made for the Olympic teams; lowering the standards for national security should not be justified either.
    In Assessment and Selection you are compared on your ability to perform against everyone else, present and past. If women are to be viewed as an equal, they need to perform as an equal on all aspects. Michele Hickford, Chief editor of Allen B West, wrote “Changing standards in the name of “equality” diminishes the achievements of those who truly are exceptional, and falsely rewards those who are undeserving.”1 If the standards in SOF are lowered to accommodate women, then why have an elite unit in the first place? America needs that select fighting force of highly trained professionals. It is because men have out performed women that they now fill these roles. When these men can work with each other and do not have to worry about censoring who they are, it develops better cohesion giving them the freedom to do more.

  • What? Look at every pro sport and every activity ever.

    When all humans compete equally in all things then women should compete here. Why does a WNBA exist again? It is a new organization made because without a woman's only legaue there would be no woman's pro. Basketball. Same reason women and men don't compete against each other in almost ANY sport, it is not a contest. The top 1.5% of females fall in the bottom 15% of males.

  • NO

    They're already in combat a lot of the time anyway with the kind of urban warfare that's going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. You never know where a bomb is going to go off in these places and suddenly turn it into a combat zone.

    As for many of the arguments of women in combat, if you're so worried about them not being able to handle a fallen comrade, just make the divisions single sex. Problem solved.

    The big one that I also hear is that people will argue that women don't have the mental ability to cope with the kinds of things that go on in the front lines. Have these people seen our latest suicide and post traumatic stress disorder rates? It doesn't look like the men do, either, from the statistics that I've seen lately.

  • No it is not disastrous

    I do not believe that it is a bad idea to place women in combat for many specific reasons. One would be because I believe that in specific situations where extreme duress is applied, sometimes women have a calmer sense of making a more rational decision in these instances.

    Also, in cases of compassion in war times, women are much more adept at controlling at their emotions in MOST cases. Although it isnt seen this way, I have empirical experience with women who are incredibly cool and calm under serious pressure in serious situations, and this is vitale in combat situations.

  • No worse than putting men in combat

    Anyone being in combat is a frightening, risky situation. However, women should be allowed to fight for their country equally and putting them in combat is not going to make things suddenly become worse or end up in more lost lives. It is a good decision because it is another step in the fight towards equality and entering the military is a choice that women make for themselves, they go in prepared to learn the same things as men and be put through training sessions and will go in knowing that going into combat is always a possibility, the same as men.

  • No, it is an opportunity for women.

    It's probably odd to consider going into battle an opportunity, but we need to realize that women do not come in one size and form, nor do they have the same desires about what they want to do in life. In the military, I believe, people who are in combat situations move up in rank faster than people who are not, and receive medals based on their performance in combat. Since we already do accept women in the military, they should have the same opportunities as men.

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