Is Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" the most controversial movie of 2012?

  • Django Unchained is the Most Controvesial Film of 2012

    I think it is safe to say that Django Unchained is the most controversial film of 2012. The movie has not been out that long and is already stirring up controversy due to the content withing the film. I think this was Quentin Tarantino's objective with this film because controversy sells.

  • No

    There are far more controversial movies, like the Batman movie that inspired a mass shooting. Django is just another generic Tarantino movie that just happens to touch on an institution nearly everyone in this country agrees is barbaric and vile. There are also far more controversial movies that have not seen as much press.

  • No,Q uentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained" is not the most controversial movie of 2012

    “Django Unchained”, although arguably entertaining, is not fair to classify as the most controversial movie of 2012. Taking into account Quentin Tarantino's awesome ability to make gritty-raw films that usually exploit the taboos of our society, the general subject matter of “Django Unchained” is not something that is taboo any more. Generally speaking, there are a number of films centered on the issue of slavery in America, as it is a fact that slavery occurred in America. “Django Unchained” however, might just be a story with an eclectic spin.

  • It shouldn't be

    There are significantly more controversial films that have been released this year, including Zero Dark Thirty, which contained questionable depictions of torture, and Cloud Atlas, which put white actors in bad yellow-face make up instead of simply casting Korean actors. Most controversial of all was definitely The Innocence of Muslims, which led to the killing of the US Ambassador in Benghazi.

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