Is questioning someone's stance on an issue or issues a verbal attack?

Asked by: SitaraPorDios
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  • Not at all.

    A famous person once said that the freedom to critice ideas and beliefs is a right. I agree with the rule that you do not say "die, commie biznatch", or something more offense, but questioning whether someone has the correct label for their beliefs or saying "I disagree because", is not a verbal attack. This is a debate site, expect a challenge. I choose not to name names though. Meh.

  • Allowing disagreement is fundamental in keeping a functioning democracy.

    If we qualify simply disagreeing or questioning someone as being an attack or assault, we do ourselves an enormous injustice. Freedom of speech allows us to express our opinions and world views; if we can't debate over them, we can't fully express them. Opinions are important to the evolution and change of any society, and part of having an opinion is not only believing in it, but defending it.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Contrary to this site

    Nothing wrong with questioning anything Imo.I think the problem begins(similar to what you see a lot of in DDO opinion section)when people try to force there opinion in a belligerent manner..I won't name names but certain individuals like to attack and belittle as apposed to rationalize..I think even them people probably wouldn't be so inclined to take that approach, face to face..So in general I don't think questioning someones opinion is a verbal attack..But behind the right device its meant to be an attack.

    Posted by: rja7
  • Debates reveal truth.

    Stating it's a "verbal attack" gives it such a negative connotation. In my experience, it takes a lot of respect to tell someone, "Hey, screw you, you're wrong." I get it's an odd concept... But by doing so, not only do we weed through the false information, but we grow as humans beings. It's not a "verbal attack", more or less it's intellectual growth.

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