• How is it not?

    Think about it. Anything can be a sport. Was baseball fiction before it came to pass? Yes. Was football? (American and English) yes. Was tennis? Yes. You obviously can't fly around on brooms and toss magical golden balls around. It seems two different points are being argued here. We're talking MUGGLE quidditch. It's very real. With the IQA in place and over 200 teams, go tell some of those players who have been injured playing it that it's not real. Adaptation doesn't follow it like how it is in the books and movies because it CAN'T HAPPEN. Just because it doesn't follow fantasy elements mean it's not a sport? No. Bottom line is, it's a game adapted from a series (and an awesome series at that) and many people loved it and established a league. Use a little logic here and stop being a buzzkill.

  • Of course it is!!!!!!

    Even though Quidditch is a game in a movie, it is also a sport in my eyes. Its basically just soccer mixed with baseball in the air and on broomsticks. Some of my friends say it isn't, so this is why I started this argument on this website. It definitely is a sport, fiction or not. :)

  • Somebody had to come up for the concept of every sport this one happened to be an author
    I am a wrestler and xc runner but i run full contact that is not leagle so I found something that will push me past my limit run xc and wrestle on the move exhausted agenst 2 opponents. I snitch. I have no break. No timeout. No teammates. No friends. We no longer have to do with harry potter. If you would have asked me when quidditch was in the state of 5 years ago... I would have said no you f-ing nerd. But we are now athletes. I don't know any nerds that train so hard they must go Ice to get the pants over there knees in the morning let alone football players... I run 8 miles a day or speed training lift do agility drills and speed drills every single day. Love the pain because it is the difference between the will of a wana-be success.
    p.S. Probably less than half of quidditch players have read a harry potter book!

  • Yes it is a sport

    Having just watched the British Quidditch cup played in Oxford over last weekend it was much more a sport and a very physical sport compared to a lot of other games / sports played by teams or single players. And just watching it was far better than a football match with action all over the pitch not just where the ball was.

  • Yes it is.

    Every sport has beginnings and starts as "not a sport." Quidditch requires athleticism, physicality, and coordination and has similarities to numerous other popular sports. Athletes train for quidditch and dedicate long hours to practicing and training to compete regionally, nationally, and internationally. As far as I'm concerned, a sport's origins has no basis on its eventual legitimacy.

  • How is it not?

    People are playing it and there is a whole league set up (IQA) So obviously it's real. The Harry Potter series is fiction. BOOK quidditch is fiction. Muggle quidditch is not. It's very real. Play it for yourself and you'll see. There seems to be two different things being argued here. Sure, you obviously can't fly around on brooms for real and have magical flying golden balls. But you can have a real life adaptation of something fiction and have it be called a sport. Was football (both American and English) fiction before it came to pass? Yes. Was baseball? Yes. Was tennis? Yes. My point is anything can be a sport. Use a little logic here.

  • Someone had to make up all the games we play

    Just because quidditch was made up doesn't mean it's not a real sport. Didn't someone have to come up with the idea of football, or soccer, or basketball. Even if it was adapted from a different culture, it still had to be made up by someone. There are tournaments for quidditch, just like any other sport. Universities like NYU have quidditch teams.

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    Just as it started as fiction doesn't mean it cannot be developed into a real game just by modifying the rules a bit don't take it so literally. Who knows maybe one day in the future flying brooms maybe a reality for potterheads wanting to take this game to the next level!

  • It is a sport

    It provides people an opportunity to exercise, build character, and be part of a team. As a group, people can collaborate and learn useful life skills that would be useful in "real world" situations. Therefore, it is a true sport in my opinion. You may disagree if you so wish.

  • Of course it is

    Despite its basis being fiction, I know several people who are involved in a Quidditch league, whether it be managing, playing, or announcing. I have never played myself, but I am certainly eager to do s. Hey! Maybe one day we could get flying broom sticks. Then it would definitely be a (dangerous) sport.

  • If it came out of a science fiction book, then it can't be a sport.

    Of course Quidditch is not a sport! If it was some variation on a current sport such as soccer or baseball, then it might make sense. But these "athletes" are flying around on broomsticks! Really?! Plus, this sport is from a book where the students are learning magic, not playing football!

  • Has a luck element.

    One of the criteria for a game is not to have an element of luck. I would argue that the random motion of the little flying golden ball counts as luck. That ball, as shown in the movies (if not the books as well) darts around randomly, and could end up right in a players hands.

  • This is ludicrous

    The sport 'quidditch' in Harry Potter not only doesn't exist at the moment on Earth as it is fiction, but it is currently impossible to conduct. We don't have the necessary requirements to play this sport, (eg; flying broom, spells etc..). Therefore since it is currently not playable on Earth, it isn't a sport because we can't play it. Like many console games, we can't play it in real life so we don't call it a sport, the same goes with the Harry Potter game, it's a console game which is currently not possible on Earth, therefore it stays a game and it remains to not e a sport. It's only a sport in the novels, movies and games.

  • It is fantasy

    Even though there are teams dedicated to playing quidditch to its full potential, it is still not a sport as it is not the full requirements and rules. It may be a sub sport of quidditch but nonetheless it is not the actual sport and since flying brooms are fantasy, it never will be. It's like saying wizard dueling is a sport. Stop being idiots and submit to real life.

  • This argument is already figured out...

    Quidich is a fiction "sport". In other words, ITS FAKE!!!! You don't make a sport that is impossible sport possible... U CANT. Unless in the next 1000 years we find a witch with an unlimited supply of "flying powder" WE CANT FLY ON BROOMS!!!!!! It to s pointless... It fiction!!!

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Jessica_s8 says2013-11-05T21:18:19.343
I feel like people are arguing two separate things here. The 'yes' answers are arguing that "muggle quidditch", the adaptation of the Harry Potter game into real life, is a real sport -- where as the no's are primarily focused on the game within the books/movies. If we're arguing whether or not "muggle quidditch" is a sport, then my argument is absolutely, since I play and I understand all the physicality that goes into it. However, I feel like people are misinterpreting the argument a little bit.