• Race is a social construct; not genetic

    Dictionary.Com defines race as a group of people united by a common history, language, cultural traits. Although there can be traits of specific "races" such as shape of lips, eyelids, skin pigment, etc, race is simply a way to cause diversity. There is not a single difference between americans and mexicans, yet people assume they are so different because of language, culture, and stereotypes. In general, humans are almost genetically identical. Do you think there are races of lizards? No. If you do you can leave now

  • Race is a social construct.

    Race is an illusion. It is an idea that people come up with based on what we look like in society. It is something that is learned and taught to us. Race is the way we categorize humans into certain groups based on physical characteristics. Race is not biological. There is no scientific proof that proves that one group of people have a specific type of gene in order to be categorized into that group.

  • Yes, at this point it is.

    Perhaps one hundred years ago the differences between the races seemed much more defined, but that was because intermarriage was not permitted most of the time and people were separated from each other. Now that we are mingling freely, we see that most of what we attribute to race is culturally determined.

  • Of Course It Is

    Speaking through biological terms, every single human walking on the face of this Earth is genetically the same, this is one reason we are referred to as "The Human RACE". Race is socially constructed to allow people to put together their identity, and add another label to their name. If you look at people you will see that we are genetically the same, we have a body, limbs, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and many other genetically similar features.

  • Humans are almost identical genetically.

    Biologically speaking, every human being walking the planet is the same race and the same species. We're all almost identical genetically. That being said, race is a social construct not invented, but assumed and believed both by people of the past and people of today. As a social construct, it has caused us nothing but trouble and bigotry.

  • Race is most definitely a social construct.

    I know this because there have been many, many scientists proving that race is simply a term that society has come up with to divide us and lower the culture of different people, and instead bring out only the skin pigmentation. I cannot think of one good thing that has come from "race" it undermines ethnicity and culture, it strips people of their cultures and traditions and marks them simply as a color.

  • Yes, it is

    Race is essentially something that has been constructed by the way our society is. At the end of the day, we really are all humans, and what race we are doesn't have much effect on that. The issues with race are created entirely by all of us, and it shouldn't be like that.

  • There is no evidence to the contrary.

    It is pretty clear that race is an artificial, or social, construct. There is nothing in science, biology, or genetics that accounts for racial divides or constructs. Since we cannot point to something real that separates people of different races, we must look at race as a culturally defined label rather than something that actually exists out there in the world.

  • 'Races' as are defined, but there are no solid lines.

    Race strikes me as a reference to a large ethnic group, but where are the lines drawn? Are there just whites and coloreds, or are there whites, blacks, yellows, Arabs, etc...? Are blacks from Africa, or are there multiple races from different regions? The idea to group anybody together(keyword is group) by skin color seems silly. Sure, region has a little more validity, but are Amish a race because they are regionally located and only breed within the same group? Irish was once considered a race. Hitler focused on Jews, but I always learned Judaism was a religion. Or is it a race? There are regional darker Jews, and very fair skinned redheaded Jews. My girlfriend is adopted and she certainly isn't 'white' but she certainly isn't 'black'. We will probably never know what her 'race' is, but she acts like anybody else I know who was raised by middle class parents from that area. Furthermore, what happens when 'races' are mixed? Is the child 'half black' and 'half Asian'? What about his children when he marries someone of another 'race'? Sure, there clear differences between really dark Africans and really white Europeans, but what about north-eastern Africa? When do 'black' people become 'Arab'? What about in parts of southern Siberia, where the lines between white and Asian are blurred? You can't define people by skin color it's just senseless. And if race holds no definition beyond skin color and other minor physical alterations, then what substance is there to race? Absolutely none. Black people can get sickle cell and whites can't, but is that really enough of a difference to separate people of skin color into categories(that aren't people who can and people who can't get the disease)? What is the definition of 'race'? I thought it was the Human race. I think the argument that race is a social construction is an answer to the idea that 'black people in America act different than white people'. Well that's only true due to social constructions of 'racism'(I think we can all agree that racism is a social construct) like denying black people things such as civil rights, jobs, housing... The list goes on. If you truly believe there are separate races, then you can tell me exactly how many there are, and list specific differences....Doubtful.

  • Race was created as a social construct to justify domination

    Race in US originate in European ideology justifying domination, other groups became race conscious in response. It was just a way of being superior than the other. People categorize each other making some races superior than others, but in general I believe there is only one race. Race is socially constructed period!!!

  • Weren't your born a certain type of skin color, certain eye color and hair color?

    If you were born black you have the right to change to any other race. You can be trans-racial. Why allow transgender and not trans-racial? It mostly the same thing... Transgender were born with one sex and decided to change it because probably they didn't fix in with the gender. Trans-racial were born a certain color but decided to change their race because they didn't fix in or were raised with that race and that all they know. You change and determine your race.

  • I counter the whole "race is a social construct idea." There is so much evidence to the contrary, that race deniers must be blind.

    If it is just a construct, please end affirmative action, the census, etc. The real phrase is, "Society is a racial construct." Africa has been a shanty town for the last 2000 years, meanwhile other nations have forged empires. You cannot keep justifying racial differences and beating the dead horse. Riddle me that.

  • I thought this was the age of reason...

    With all the scientific findings as well as physical appearances between races proves that race isn't a social construct. To believe that it is is stupid. It is like saying that different dog breeds are just a social construct. The reason why different parts of the world are more successful than others proves just one aspect of differences. Science can even distinct between different races just by examining the types of bacteria found in one's mouth. It is mal-practice for a doctor to ignore differences in the races. Wake up people, don't believe the lies of Cultural Marxists. Love your race.

  • Something called DNA and genes exist

    Something called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes existSomething called DNA and genes exist Something called DNA and genes exist Something called DNA and genes exist Something called DNA and genes exist

  • Race is not social construct, society and culture is racial construct.

    If race is social construct, than dog breeds are also social construct. E.G German Shepherd and Chihuahua are same. Saying that Chihuahua can't run like Greyhound is "racist".
    Race is more than skin colour. Race can be determined by DNA tests.
    While blacks represent just 14 percent of the population, they account for 35 percent of all reported chlamydia cases, nearly half of syphilis cases (48 percent) and almost three-quarters (69 percent) of gonorrhea cases.

  • It's easy to argue either way, but no.

    I've heard the arguments that race is a social construct in my anthropology classes, and honestly, the arguments are poorly constructed and not based on fact. There are clear signs that races differ physically whether it is a broader nose, different colored skin, or even a different hair texture. It is nice to think that we are all the same emotionally and mentally, but physically, it is impossible to state that there are not clear differences between races.

  • Denial is a potent weapon

    It's obvious that race is a scientific fact because it's based on science. Anyone with eyes that work can easily say that race exists. The only way you can't is if you have been raised in such a manner that you deny evidence right in front of you, or you have your head wrapped around this "everyone's a special little snowflake" delusion that you are completely incapable of processing the information pertaining to and giving ground to the opposing view that race is a scientific fact, not a "social construct."

    Any argument I've heard about race being a social construct relates to striking anger in a "burn the witch" fashion in that they preach that the white man has affected the statistic that shows race is a social construct, either in illegal editing or being the editor himself, or the editor was white himself and biased his sources because: what else? He's white, and whites love nothing more than restricting freedom (even though whites invented the idea of freedom, while the rest were either in states of tribalism or dictatorship).

    Another argument I hear is "privilege," an idea that presumes one race is one person with one, single pre-positioned income and state of living, and the only person of that one race is incapable of making his own future, and instead he must either have money and benefits shoveled at him or money stolen from him depending on his race and his assumed income.

    Either way, both arguments are based on a feeling perspective instead of science, and even scientific arguments arguing against the mainstream are being censored and having labelum thrown at them. Can you say Newspeak? I sure can. Eventually the state will take the spearhead of this "everybody's equal" and devolve us into this abomination where our only function is to follow orders. Then, we will truly be equal.

    In a way, I'm glad racism is an existing idea. It shows that there are people willing to be human and not machines.

  • No, there are differences

    There are differences, denying this is not gonna solve the problem of racism... But it's not like one is better than the other, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.. I really don't understand why we should even debate facts that are this obvious.... Bet some people will expect us to act like we have the same skin color aswell one day soon...

  • Look at the facts

    Africa has been worse off for thousands of years than the rest of the world. Blacks score lower on tests than other races. If I say that some breeds of dogs are more aggressive am I racist? People need to stop giving in to political correctness, and look at the facts.

  • It is not a social construct, there are differences between the races.

    It's an utopian ideal to think there are no differences between black and white people and that all people are equal. It's not the case. There are differences between the races. Asians tend to get higher IQ scores than whites, whites tend to get higher IQ scores than blacks. Is this just a coincidence? The skull shapes of Asians, blacks, and whites (respectively called Mongoloids (also refers to hispanics), Negroids, and Caucasoids in anthropology) have different shapes. For example, Negroids have protruding mouths, while Mongoloids have larger cheekbones, and Caucasoids have a more narrow skull profile than that of both Negroids and Mongoloids.

    Regard to genetics, the sexes are also genetically similar. Even more so than similarities between the races. We don't call the sexes a social construct. Why not? We're genetically similar, and even more similar to each other than the races, so how is it not a social construct using the similarity in genetics argument? Oh yes, because there are differences between males and females, and there are differences between the races too.

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